History meets Biology = Biostory?

microscope by biology big brother on flickr

microscope by biology big brother on flickr

This week we’ll be looking at the development of the cell theory.  You will need to research the contribution made by each of the following scientists, find a picture of the person or what they made or saw, then use the information to construct a timeline.  Put all that into a powerpoint or prezi presentation.  Done! 

1.      Hans and Zacharias Janssen

2.      Robert Hooke

3.      Anton Leeuwenhoek

4.      Matthias Schleiden

5.      Theodor Schwann

6.      Rudolf Virchow

7.      August Weismann

Here is some more info and the rubric that will be used to assess this activity.  Integrated Science 1 cell theory activity

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