Can you name the parts of a microscope?

Can you name the parts of a microscope?  Open the attachment, and leave a comment reply with your answers.  We’ll find out who is right soon 🙂

 Parts of a microscope


3 Responses to “Can you name the parts of a microscope?”

  1. Justin van Klaveren block H says:

    A: Eye piece
    B: Objective lens
    C: Stage
    D: Light
    E: Fine focus knob
    F: Course focus knob
    G: Arm

  2. Nishant Pradhan says:

    A: Eye piece lens
    B: Objective lenses
    C: Stage with stage clips
    D: Illuminator
    E: Fine focus
    F: Fine Focus
    G: Arm

  3. @Justin – yay! You labelled all the parts correctly.
    @Nish – you got them all apart from F, which is the course focus knob.

    Thanks for responding.

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