Cell structure

question mark by Leo Reynolds on flickr

question mark by Leo Reynolds on flickr

Take some time to click through this site to learn more about cells and their structures. 

Here is another good place to learn about cells. 

Look through each site and then leave me a comment as to which of them you preferred and WHY

If you find any other sites on this topic that you think would help your classmates learn, please include them in the comments too.

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24 Responses to “Cell structure”

  1. Karenina Carag says:

    Hi Mrs. Dickinson! I preferred the first site, mainly because I thought it was easier to read, and I liked how they stated what each part of cell meant in a really descriptive way. Because in the other site, they didn’t really put a long description. They only put one definition. I also thought that the diagrams in the first site were much easier for me to understand than the second site. 🙂

  2. i like both of the websites because they are both user friendly and easy to understand.

  3. Gaby Montinola says:

    I prefer the first site (Biology4kids.com). Here are a few reasons why:

    1. it’s aesthetically pleasing; this site provides a nice color scheme, drawings/ diagrams, bolded terms, and remains neat (with no animations and a clean white background). This helps keep focus and avoid distractions.
    2. It is well-ordered; the site organizes each topic into further sub-topics which can bee seen on the right-hand side. Certain terms also have links to pages that hold more information about them. Therefore, the pages remain short (clear and concise).
    3. It is designed to help you learn more and memorize; at the bottom of each page is a multiple-choice quiz you can take in order to help you memorize things better.
    4. Very informative; This site has a very detailed description about the cell, and also each part of it. It is and educational site, and therefore has a more objective sense of it, refraining from using “i’s” and “you’s”, contrary to the second site.

    In general, i feel like i learned more from the first site.
    other possible sites: http://www.cellsalive.com/cells/cell_model.htm, http://www.tvdsb.on.ca/WESTMIN/science/sbi3a1/Cells/cells.htm

  4. Sam Villanueva says:

    Both websites were very useful. The first site about Cell Structure contained good information about what cells are, what they contain, and what their purpose is. The other site, “Excell at Cells”, also provided information about cell structures, as well as background on the different kinds of cells. With this in mind, I found the “Excell at Cells” website more useful due to the information that was not provided in the first website. “Excell at Cells” talked about what animal and plant cells were. This gave examples of the two cells and how they differed. The cell structure website just gave basic background on cells. As a result, “Excell at Cells” was a more useful site.

  5. william Justce says:

    Personally I preferred the second site (excelll at cells) to the other site. Although both sites offer no information that I do not already know, the second site offers it in a more interesting way. If I was to recommend one of the sites to someone who knows nothing about cells, I would recommend the second site.

  6. Thanks to those that have commented so far.
    @Karenina – I agree. The first site seems to have better diagrams.
    @Ines – but if you had to pick ONE, which would it be?
    @Gaby – thank you for your detailed response. I know, and use, the cellsalive site with my G11 and 12 students, but thought it may be a bit advanced for you. Maybe not! I was not familiar with your second suggestion. Thanks for including it for us all to use.
    @Sam – I like your clear thought process in choosing a preference.
    @William – thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Ethan Que says:

    I like the biology4kids better because first of all it includes (well for me) more necessary information for the topic we are learning example it includes all of the cell structures that you need to know, and second of all this site has better diagrams than the other site and it has a quiz at the bottom of the page so that you could test your knowledge about what you have learned.

  8. From the two sites, the one that i have chosen to be the best help me learn more about cells is the first site (biology4kids). I thought this site was very use full because of all the pictures they have and the well explanations that are easy to understand. The site is also very organized which is easy for us to find information for example in the right hand side of the site there is a list of different types of cells when you click on one of them they will break down in good paragraphs of the important information. After reading one section about a cell you could take a quiz, to see how much you learned, and the also suggest other sites to help us find more information. The second site looks like a lot of information but i thought that it didn’t really help me get information there was too many piled up words that didn’t look good to read. It didn’t seem organized. These are the reasons why i preferred the first site than the other.

  9. @Ethan – thanks for responding. I too like the quiz option.
    @Juliana – like Ethan above, I agree, the quiz option is good, and the layout is perhaps a bit easier to understand.

  10. Agustín Rovira says:

    Although the first site was very long and had many links I liked it better then the second. It had ilustrations and it explained everything with detail (sometimes way to much. I wouldn´t trust the second site much because it looked as if the producer hadn´t put much time into makin it and sometimes he puts he’s opinions which make me doubt if it is reliable.I also spoted some grammar mistakes.

  11. Kevin Koh says:

    I think that the first site (biology4kids.com) is alot better than the second site. First of all the way that the first site is phrased is alot easier to understand than the second site. For instance the second site stated, “A very special process that takes place inside of the chloroplasts in plant cells is called photosynthesis.” Most people who are reading this will have no idea what chloroplasts is except by looking at the diagram. Which leads to another issue and points out a very important fact that the diagram is very unclear. While on the first site it says, “Photosynthesis is the process that allows plants to take energy from the Sun and create sugars.” We straight away understand that the photosynthesis is a way plants make energy.
    Another reason why I think the first site was better was because it looked more professional. The site seemed alot more reliable than the second site.
    Not only that, the first site have an overview tab which allows people to study about a certain topic only. Of course the second site also have that as their homepage the only problem is they only have seven (excluding the author’s page) main topics. So if we had a test or a quiz on photosynthesis only I would have to read the entire plant section to extract all of the required information on the second site. While for the first site I could just simply click the photosynthesis overview tab and get all the information at once.

  12. adamesh says:

    I like the first site better because it is more organized and is not as dull as the second one. Also the first site is divided into a lot of secions wich allows you to point out what you don’t understand whereas the second one has too much information on one page and has the makers own opinion and has too much information just crammed together.

  13. Stefan Gerhaeusser says:

    For me the first site was better than the second because. one, the first site was more visuals , with pictures and easyier to read texts. Also the the first site has more links 2 other pages in that one site. Althought the second site has moving visauls , the first site has better and well located visuals. Lastly the first site has better navagation of it pages, with a toolbar of pages with really good infromation

  14. Timmy Metzger says:

    Both of the sites were very good, due to the fact that they both provided short, straight-forward information. Also, both of the sites were very user friendly. However, I like the fact that the first site (Biology 4 Kids.com) provided quizes, to help you study and test yourself to see if you actually learned the material. Overall I think that the first site provided much more detailed information compared to the second site and it has the quizes that I really think are a major asset especially when studying.

  15. Tyler Sy says:

    Sorry this was late.

    The first site was the best in my opinion for the mere fact that there was more focus on detail. Biology4kids contained entire pages just for vital structures like cytoplasm, membrane and nucleus. On the other hand, Excellatcells only had a sentence or so. Also, even if the structures were complex or not as necessary to learn, they were still created with care and in a very kid-friendly manner, just as promised.

  16. Grace says:

    personaly, i like the first website better (biology4kids.com), because there at the left side of the website there is a table of content that gives you the separate structure of the animal cells (Cell Membrane etc…) an other reason that i like this website better is because there are picutes, even though they are not that clear, there gives an explaination under of what they are talking about and what particualer type of cells they are.

  17. JP Campos says:

    Hi Mrs Dickinson,

    In general I felt that both sites were very good as they provided a lot of useful information with diagrams to support my understanding as well. However, if I had to choose one site from the two, I think I would have to choose the first one (Biology4kids.com). I liked the site’s use of hyperlinks as it helped tie all the information of what I was reading together so that I could eventually understand more from what the site was trying to explain. Along with this, I felt that the diagrams were also simpler and therefore a stronger support for the words than the diagrams of the second site which in my opinion is a very important factor (visual reinforcement). Also, biology4kids.com seemed to provide a wider range of information about cells and was written with a lot of detail which together eventually came in handy as I continued to read. Lastly, the quiz from this site was a good way of testing what I had learned, and as it can’t be found from the second site, biology4kids.com seemed to be more helpful to me after the comparison.

  18. gabby vorbeck says:

    hello ms dickinson,
    i prefer the first site given because it has brief and useful information for us.
    the website isn’t full of links that make it harder to read, and it doesn’t have many animations or glittery things going around everywhere.
    i prefer the first link rather than the second one because if you check the authors, it says it made by 3 kids, and when you see that it makes you want to trust the other site more.
    i’m not saying that a child could always be wrong compared to an adult, but it could most of the time be better if you chose work for school done by an adult.

  19. Justin van Klaveren says:

    Hello mrs. Dickinson,

    In my opinion the both websites were pretty good. But i prefered Biology4Kids better. In the Biology4Kids website, it had less text and was easier to read, while in the “Excell At Cells” website it was a bit more detailed than needed in some cases. The diagrams of the first site were clearer and more interesting. Plus, the quiz at the end helps the student or who ever is learning test if they really learned it properly.

  20. Trix says:

    Hello Mrs. Dickinson,

    I apologize for this being rather late… But I’ve checked out both websites and scanned them both a little bit, and honestly I liked both websites, they were informational and some diagrams here and there. Although honestly, I preferred the first website which was “biology4kids.com”. The only reason is that I found it more fun to look around and check the ares. It was more appealing to the eyes and it also had lots of diagrams. The other website though had diagrams as well, and wasn’t too hard to look around, but it wasn’t as appealing and it didn’t really make me enjoy reading.

  21. Danilo Bonilla says:

    In my opinion, I personally liked the first site (biology4kids.com) simply because I found the website was more detailed than the second. It was very descriptive not only through its text, but also through the illustrations. Another feature which I liked is being able to quiz yourself, and test your knowledge on the subject you choose. This feature was not available through the second site.

  22. Anushay says:

    Mrs. Dickinson, I feel that both websites you have displayed, expanded my knowledge on cells. “Excell at Cells” was interesting to look at as it contained several hyperlinks to specific aspects of cell knowledge. As i read through, the information was useful but not as descriptive as Biology4Kids. I prefered the first website as it didnt distract me with moving diagrams. It’s simple diagrams made the information easier to understand. This website explained all aspects of cells in a very detailed manner as opposed to Excell at Cells. Also the hyperlinks used were more effective as they were off to the side and did not extract from the purpose of the website. Aswell as having a better range of information this website also had a quiz which helped me test what I had read. Therefore,I think that Biology4Kids is a better website for educational purposes.

  23. Sera Yun says:

    Hello, Ms. Dickinson!
    After looking through both of the sites that you have suggested us, I think the first one was more suitable for me in terms of the amount of learning that I was able to derive from it. Unlike the latter link, the one I favor was all interlinked with other concepts of cell, so after reading through a page that described cell structures, there was a tab at the bottom that led me to the next page, which was relative and necessary for me to know. It was all in order, so it overall facilitated my understanding of the ‘cell concept’ in step-by-step process. Also, unlike the second site that only contained brief descriptions of animal and plant cells, the other was more content with even more complex information and facts. I had previously been aware of the majority of information that was suggested by the second link, thus, I think the first site was more useful for me as a starter of learning about cells. Thank you! 🙂

  24. Thanks to all for their comments. Some good reflection on the different sites here. It seems most people preferred the biology4kids one to the excellatcells one. That’s fine!

    Gaby M found some other useful sites. Check those out too!

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