What is energy?

Energies by DanielaNob on flickr

Energies by DanielaNob on flickr

This isn’t a very easy question to answer, actually, but we’ll give it a go over the next few lessons.

There is an important distinction between TYPES of energy and SOURCES of energy.  Heat is a type of energy.  The Sun is a source of energy. Electricity is a type of energy.  Oil is a source of energy.  Make sure you are clear on the difference.

We will look at conservation of energy – the idea that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but simply transferred from one form to another.  We will do a number of experiments that illustrate this.

Log on to brainpop.com then science, energy, and you will find a ton of animations to get you going.

Here is a nice powerpoint from Mr Hobbins as well: Introduction to Energy

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