Creativity with Carbon

Imagine you are a carbon atom in a molecule of carbon dioxide in the air.  Close your eyes.  Really imagine yourself as that carbon atom.  Your task is to describe the journey you take from being part of carbon dioxide in the air, through the carbon cycle, until you return to the air again.  Here is my attempt at the beginnings of such a story to give you the idea.  You do not need to start in this way.  You decide.  Get creative!  Let your imagination work!

There I was, happily floating around in my usual gaseous form along with several of my brothers and sisters  (other carbon dioxide molecules), and my good friends nitrogen and oxygen.  We were having a great time bumping into one another, when I got dangerously close to a leaf.  Everyone had always told me to stay away from green plants, that I could get sucked into a stoma and never be seen again.  Before I realized what was happening, I was inside a chloroplast and going through a very fast reaction where I had to let go of my two oxygen atoms, and for a moment be entirely alone.  Before long, I found some other carbons and we joined together, 6 of us, 12 hydrogen friends and 6 oxygen buddies to form a glucose molecule….

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  1. gabby v says:

    Hello, I’m a carbon atom floating around the air. Yesterday I was part of a carbon dioxide molecule. Let me tell you what happened to me then:

    Firstly, I was with my nitrogen and oxygen friends as a carbon dioxide molecule floating in the air. Then, I came closer to a leaf and it took me inside a chloroplast where my oxygen and nitrogen friends left me. I was alone for a moment until I found 5 more carbons, 12 hydrogen friends and 6 oxygen atoms to from a glucose molecule with. After we became a glucose molecule, I looked around and I realized I was still in a plant. Suddenly, teeth surrounded me, and then I went to some weird tunnels and I lost all my glucose molecule friends. Then some machines that looked like air bags pumped me back to some weird tunnels until I reached a really big tunnel that took me to where the teeth were. The room that I was in opened, and I floated back to the air and met my old friends again: nitrogen and oxygen.

  2. Karenina says:

    Today, I was floating in the beautiful Manila air, with my whole family to celebrate my birthday. We were off to the Carbon mall. We were trying not to get close to the scary green leafy buildings, but while I was playing with my carbon brother, he pushed me into the green leafy buildings that are off-limits, according to my carbon mom and dad. But, voila, look where I am now. I got sucked into the stomata of this leafy building that everyone calls “plant” for short. I am now linked to new friends, a whole bunch of other carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms because of the sun. It was destiny. We’re all now very close. Just as we were bonding, a terrible thing happened. A human walked towards this “plant” and we heard a big “BAM” and all of us were pushed into the soil. Sadly, the green leafy building was destroyed. Next thing I knew, a whole bunch of worms started to munch on all of us. With the hush of a breath (from the worm), I was put back into the beautiful Manila air. Now, my problem is looking for the rest of my carbon family.

  3. Justin vK says:

    There I was, floating in the air with my two best friends; the oxygen twins. We were just goofing off, and seeing how close we could get to a leaf, without getting sucked in. One day, we weren’t so lucky. We got sucked in and I couldn’t hold on to my friends anymore. Somehow, the oxygen family was immune to plants; I wasn’t part of the family. I was all alone, surrounded in green. I was alone for a little while, and then I saw more of my kind, together with a group of hydrogen and other oxygen that somehow managed to get in. I started to get along with them well, and then everyone started to dissolve. Everything went dark. I started to feel like I was part of the plant now. It stayed like that for a while, and then I felt tired and sleepy. I felt like I was falling. Again, there was darkness around me, but then the leaf I was in, started disappearing in chunks; something was eating my leaf. Soon enough, I too, got eaten. It felt like a rollercoaster in the creature that ate me. I saw a faint light that got brighter and brighter. With a rush of, I flew out into the light, and got caught by two other members of the oxygen family. I was back again, floating where I’m supposed to be.

  4. Mumba D says:

    One day I was bumping around with my friends oxygen and nitrogen, when I got sucked in by some green monster. I was scared and lonely they took my oxygens away. I had never been by myself before. Then suddenly I was with some other carbon molecules they told me everything was alright. A few weeks went by I had to adjust and I made friends they filled the gap that was once family yet it was still not complete. After some time it started to get cold really cold and the plant couldn’t support some of its leaves, we lost some good men out there. Then the plant got smaller and smaller the weather was harsh on us. The plant stop producing it was weeks of nothing we felt like we were frozen in time. We started to get pushed further and further into the earth. Bugs started to decompose the plant along the way. After what felt like millions of years a huge pump started to pull the carbon molecules up to the earth’s surface. We were taken to a huge room and it started to get hot really hot and then I blacked out. Then I was in a tank in a truck and this time I was a liquid. I was been burnt to produce energy and released into the air. I was home finally in the air but everything looked so different there were things flying in the sky and tall builds. Time really went by.

  5. Sera says:

    In the swift breeze of a summer afternoon, I drifted along the blue currents of a vast, warm Jacuzzi; busily immersed in noisy chit-chats with my best buddies – nitrogen and oxygen, I did not realize that I had been sucked into the body of an oceanic alga. With such a blinding sparkle of light, I had joined up with 2 other oxygen buddies (CO2) and as we welcomed another clique of 2 hydrogens and oxygen (H2O) with a link of our hands, we were grouped into a fat chunk of 6 carbons, 12 hydrogens and 6 oxygen buddies (C6H12O6) with a separate, bullied pair of oxygens (O2). As we gossiped about this segregated bundle, we all sensed a form of stationary and lifelessness creeping into our bodies; on my 5th day of wondering what this instinct indicated, we all felt an abrupt, drastic shift and from a faraway distance, we heard devouring munches and crunches. The moment I tried to escape from these nerve-racking noises, above my head were rows of sawteeth and I physically felt some kind of upward absorption. When I opened my eyes, I was attached to a big mass of 5 carbons, 12 hydrogens and 6 oxygens (C6H12O6) then I was hand in hand with a pair of oxygen buddies (O2); then in less than a second, we all felt a “puff” and were once again segregated – I soon became friends with two of my oxygen buddies (O2) and cliqued together with a group of 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen (H2O). Altogether, we were sightseeing beautiful species of fish, corals and animals in an upward float when all of a sudden, a very familiar sense swept across my body – this warm temperament, this endless horizon and this noisy chit-chat of my buddies… I was once again back in my blue Jacuzzi, facing the bright sun on a breezy summer afternoon.

  6. Anushay Afnan says:

    I am Carbonina Carbag, and this is my story.
    It was a windy Friday afternoon. Mother always told me what a blessing it was to remain in my gaseous form, and that day I felt especially lucky as I twirled around in the wind, free and at ease. It wasn’t just me who enjoyed these rare pleasant days, my best friends (the oxygen twins, as they are called) love floating with me, side by side. People even say that we come as a package that we couldn’t live with out each other.
    Anyways, that Friday, the three of us decided to go on an adventure. Legend had it that once, a gas from our carbon tribe named Carbono set out to explore the world, and as he entered the lair of the “plants” he was never to be seen again. I thought that it was probably not true, that it was just a story our parents told us so we wouldn’t wander. So, we went, we went to explore the magnificent plant species “tree.” As we got closer, I could feel the tree sucking us in like a vacuum. All three of us were screaming, but still the tree continued to pull us into the stomata of its leaves. Right then, I knew it had been a mistake to wander, that our parents were right. As we explored the inside of the plant, we met several new friends. Five other carbons, including Carbono of course, twelve hydrogen’s, and three oxygen’s who made great friends with the Oxygen twins. We all spent plenty of time together and they all explained that we were sucked in to the tree due to a process called photosynthesis, that the sun caused all of it, and that now, we were all a family. A glucose family, they called it. All of a sudden, what we all feared happened. The all feared logger finally arrived, and that was the end of our tree friend. As the “tree” went bellowing to the ground, all of us went with it.
    It seemed like just minutes that we were down with the tree, we didn’t realize that as time passed, we slowly moved down into the ground with it. We met new friends underground, and they told us to watch out for creatures lurking underneath, that they eat the tree, and we go with it. That night, Carbono heard a noise and woke everyone up, it was something called a “worm” swirling towards us. As is consumed our home tree, we found our selves in a whole new environment. It was different, we could feel the movements of the worm, and we could feel it twist itself out of the underground on to the surface, and as a worm took a breath into the warm summer air, we were free, once again.

  7. Danilo says:

    One day me and my buddies where just hanging out, when we decided that we’re going on a road trip. We agreed to go the beach. We had a great time playing around in the sand, taking a refreshing dip in the water until… I felt a great force tugging on me, and sucking me into the water. Me and my two oxygen buddies stood no chance against this creature. We where trapped inside a plankton. I was stuck in a dark cavity. Luckily while I was trapped in the chloroplast I managed to make some knew friends, some hydrogen and oxygen atoms. We became very close, no one could separate our covalent bond. Just as I had made myself at home, I was ounce again separated from my friends. We were swallowed and gulped up by anchovies. I was once again released back into the air as quickly as I was eaten. Now the journey has begun to find m long lost road trip buddies.

  8. JP says:

    Hello! I’m a carbon atom with a very interesting life story to share. My earliest memory was when I was surrounded by all my other carbon atom relatives and oxygen friends, happily prancing around high above. I always had the biggest fear of those green and brown things below us. Apparently they’re called trees. Anyway, it was unfortunate that I ended up having to face my fear. For some odd reason, on one very sunny day, I was suddenly sucked into my own fear. All of a sudden, all around me was green liquid. I was terrified, until I finally found some of my relatives swimming within the liquid as well. After tireless exploring, my relatives and I finally came across some new friends floating around as well and we eventually formed a group of buddies. Our close group comprised of 5 of my own relatives, 12 friends from the hydrogen family and 6 pals from the oxygen family along with me. Just as my group of friends and I were ready to find our way out of this tree, I distinctly remember hearing an extremely loud buzzing noise and a lot of shouting too. Suddenly everything became unbalanced and it felt like all this buzzing sound had to do with making the tree lose control until we heard a loud thump, and everything became still again. After this, all I remember was waiting and waiting. Life seemed to have become so slow at this point. But just as I was getting impatient, it seemed as if my surroundings were slowly chipping away. It was quite amusing actually. All around me things started to fall apart and fall to the floor, until the part of the tree I was in, did exactly that as well. All of my fear had magically seemed to fall apart, and eventually become one with the soil. I thought waiting inside the fallen tree was boring, but the amount of time I spent with the soil as remarkably long. I was ready to die of boredom. The only thing that changed was that slowly all I could see got more and more covered with different things, and the pressure pushing down on us would increase. But other than that, the boredom was unbearable. I kept thinking to myself that this state of living under here with nothing to do would never end. But after years and years of waiting, random loud noises started to be heard, and all of a sudden everything around me was moving and sliding in different directions. There was an incredible amount of pressure at that point and everything was extremely hot. I started to see my surroundings grind and break and boiling bubbles over red liquid starting to rise. It was crazy. I was wondering what would happen next until finally, all I heard was a loud ‘boom!’ All of a sudden I was thrown up so high into the air amongst all these gigantic black things I had never seen before traveling fast and red liquid on the ground everywhere. Humans seemed to be running away from all of this activity, especially because it looked like the burning liquid was heading towards their houses. I never imagined I would so suddenly be blasted into the air right through the layers of ground like that. But after cooling down, I finally reached where I am right now and I’m so glad. I was finally released out back into the air and at last I’m back home with all my relatives and oxygen friends once more.

  9. Sam Villanueva says:

    There once was a carbon atom named Carbonnie. She was such an adventurous little atom and her family always told her to be careful. One day while curiously floating around Carbon Country, Carbonnie was suddenly sucked into a leaf. After receiving much sunlight and chlorophyll in the leaf, the poor little carbon became a glucose atom. Due to lack of water the plant received, the plant, along with Carbonnie died. The remains of Carbonnie decayed into the ground, otherwise known as fossilization. Carbonnie was now fossilized into the ground. Millions of years later, Carbonnie is mixed with mud and buried under layers of sediment. The heat and pressure then turns Carbonnie into oil. Slowly, the oil seeps into the earth and into a volcano. After years of build up, the volcano erupts and out comes Carbonnie with huge amounts of ash and soot released into the atmosphere. Some of the ash and soot came from carbon elements. The debris from the eruption returned Carbonnie to the atmosphere as a little carbon atom again. Years later, she found her family back in Carbon Country. After going through the traumatizing carbon cycle, Carbonnie promised she would never wander off again.

  10. I am a carbon atom living in the air, i move from the wind in many directions and i see many sites of the world. one day as i was floating along with my friends going past a park, and strong force was pulling me towards a large leaf i was trying to reach nitrogen and oxygen but i was too weak until i reach the chloroplast of the leaf. I was surrounded by the color green but then i was pushed together with new friends that i have never seen before, new oxygen and hydrogen. later on as we get along together they all disappear, and i am now apart of leaf its a lonely life but many of my grandmothers mothers were in my position. later on as days past i see many people almost crushing the whole leaf its very frightening until today an animal with large teeth eats us one bit at a time, it was very crucial and scary so i closed my eyes thinking i wouldn’t feel any pain, until i open and i was moving down a dark place, it felt like a roller coaster.i was falling down most of the time until i dropped hard on the ground i felt many liquids surrounding me when i opened my eye i was in a dark room that had no light but on the ceiling were many logs that were white.
    it was a great experience living in different homes but i did miss my friends and family i felt more free in the air with the sun shinning and the stars, i never thought i would see the sun again until the roller coster feeling happened again i was moving around and i thought i was going to a new home but i was released back in the air floating around i was happy again i could smell the flowers and see the green trees! this is my story of my adventure that i will tell to my sons and daughter to give them advice when their day comes!

    the end

  11. Hiram says:

    Carbon’s Journey
    Hello, my name is carbon, let me tell you a story about one of my adventures, now this was many years ago when I was a young lad, it was during the time, according to humans, the age of the dinosaurs. One day, when I was just calming down and descending to the Earth, I noticed a very peculiar thing, now it was green and seemed to move with the wind, and it looked like it was calling my brothers to it. Eventually humans named it a plant, but during that time it was very weird because I have never seen it before and the way it moved was very captivating so I decided to touch it and as soon as I did it sucked me into it. Naturally, I was very scared especially since I was stuck there. A lot of things happened like I got together with water and it got combined with other elements, today scientists call that photosynthesis. Soon after, this dinosaur comes and eats the plant and I get passed on to him, a few minutes later another dinosaur eats him, and then another one eats him. Unfortunately for the dinosaur, he was sick before he ate and that same day he died. Several other dinosaurs came after and ate him, and then the decomposers, which are the bacteria, started eating some of him too. However, they didn’t finish completely so eventually he got covered by leaves and plants and after millions of years, turned into a fossil fuel. Then several years later some humans came and dug us up and then burned us, which was very painful. Thankfully, the heat allowed me to separate from everyone and allowed me to get back to the atmosphere. All in all, the experience was a bit scary, and it took a long time, but eventually I was with my friends again and it was even harder getting this message across to humans, however that is another story, now if you will excuse me I have to go down and see how much the world has changed since last time, I am curious because it has gotten hotter and I am a bit worried because there has never been so many of my brothers up here with me, see you in a few million years or so.

  12. william justice says:

    I was a little piece of carbon up in the atmosphere, minding my own business, when suddenly, I was photosynthesized into a plant. It was rather nice inside the plant, nice and warm, but that did not last. One day, the plant was eaten by a cow. Well, the cow broke down the plant and absorbed the nutrients, including me. I was happy with my position in the cow, until was eaten by a wolf. The wolf also broke down the nutrients, but this time it was much more unpleasant, I liked that cow. So I was stuck inside the wolf until it died. While it decomposed I thought that I might be able to return into the atmosphere, but instead ended up trapped underground. I hated that place. It was pitch black and the crushing pressure really would have given me a headache, if I had a head. After a few thousand years, I turned into coal. One day, several thousand years after I had been underground I saw a little bit of light. As humans started mining all of the coal, I was overjoyed. I went into their mine carts for quite a while before I realized what humans do with coal. I was screaming up to the moment I went into the furnace. The fires burned a lot, but it released me back up into the atmosphere. Things were back to normal, but I learned my lesson, stay away from plants!

  13. Grace van der spoel says:

    Carbon cycle
    (the story of his life)
    Hello! I’m going to tell you a story about what happened one day, a GREAT adventure that I used to tell my Carbon atom friends. They always enjoyed my stories so I was thinking why not putting it a step further? So children, sit back and I hope you enjoy.

    One day Carbon was floating around and heard some of his floating friends talk about a great adventure that will lead you to be transformed into something more beautiful. It was ages since Carbon has had an adventure and the reward to be transformed sounded really good. So then, one day Carbon, went to transform into glucose by the sun and went into some plants. After being transformed into glucose in a plant, Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug were in the neighborhood and they were very hungry because they just came from a trip. So they ate some of the plant than glucose transformed into energy and was stored in Mrs. Ladybug. So he was in the body of Mrs. Ladybug. But a few days later something terrible happened, while Mrs. Ladybug was washing herself up, she got eaten by a fish, but the energy was passed on again. But every time Energy got transferred into another body, less energy came in. He knew he was close to reaching that great goal and he would be so happy, and he didn’t have a clue on what the great goal was. As the fish swam and swam he got sick and sicker, until one day he died. Poor fish. He slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean and laid their until he got decomposed by the decomposers in the water. Energy however did survive. It was all because of the sun. It was a hot sunny day that Energy transformed back again into Carbon. He was very disappointed because he didn’t reach that great goal, instead he was just back to his normal self. He asked his friends why he tricked him into going through all of this. They said “We didn’t trick you Carbon, we just needed to show these children how a Carbon cycle were, and we just wanted you to go.”
    Carbon was shocked but everything that he went through today gave him a much better understanding on how the world worked.

  14. Ines Tambunting says:

    Ines Tambunting

    Once upon a time in a far away land called Pangaea. I was a carbon molecule that was in the air. People thought that I was crazy but I saw a big ball of light coming toward Pangaea. They said that they could not see it and then the next day the big ball of light came hulling down at us. And then I got sucked in by a dinosaur into his lungs. He could not release me in time for me to get out of his body and into the air again so I got stuck in his body. When the volcano beside us started spewing lava it covered us. And I was stuck there for centuries, until one day a big pie ran down beside me and I went up it. Just to find out that I was in a fossil fuel plant. I was able to escape just to be respired by a worker and I never left his body again.

  15. Agustin says:

    The Carbon Story
    On a bright and sunny day and atom of carbon, joined to carbon dioxide, was floating on the air above the pine forest. When it descended it was sucked through the pores of a green leaf and mixed it with some water. Suddenly, it was transformed into glucose and joined other glucose molecules. Some of the other glucose structures were burned, the carbon panicked as it didn’t want to be respired. But then, it joined other glucose molecules to construct starch. Then, it felt movement outside, something was crawling closer. An old animal ate the plant and swallowed the carbon in the glucose to its stomach. Anyway, the old animal choked on the food and died. After some time, the carbon in the animal was absorbed into the ground, deep into the Earth`s mantle were the carbon was added onto the mixture of magma. Finally, the carbon turned back onto its initial state when a volcano erupted making a large cloud of ash.

  16. Carlo Cabahug says:

    Hello, I am carbon dioxide, and I will be telling you about my life. Okay, first I was just floating around with all my friends but then this plant came out if nowhere and just sucked me up into him, and used me and my friends just so he could make starch for himself. So sadly me and my friends were turned into starch and just used up like we were nothing. Millions of years passed and that plant died and decayed. Years and years passed, and layers of layers of water and soil crushed me and my friends until we turned into this black slop, that humans call oil. However, one faithful day I started to see a bright light, it was freedom! These, humans dug us up, however it was only, yet again, to use us for someone else’s needs. They forced us into some strange machine and inhumanely ripped apart what we were and made us into products like petrol and petroleum jelly. However, as these humans used us up in their cars and factories we were finally released back into the atmosphere free at last. But then after a few hours, I was sucked up again by yet another plant… and the cycle continued. This time however that plant was eaten up by some animal and not only was I turned into starch, I was digested and after a few horrible hours inside that animal, that animal released me back into the atmosphere through respiration and again, I was free. Eventually though, some other plant will suck me up yet again and then who knows what will happen to me next time…

  17. Gaby M says:

    One day, as I was casually floating about, I felt a sudden rush of wind pulling me towards a mighty acacia tree. I tried to resist, and held on to my friends around me, but had no such luck and was sucked into the leaf of the tree. Inside the tree, it was much darker than I expected, and very different from life in the sky. I soon found my mother, who explained to me the the sun and the mighty acacia tree forced me into its pores in order to find food. Once i found the rest of my family, we decided to go exploring, where I found new friends of my own: hydrogena and oxygeno. Quite lost, they asked me if i could join them in finding families of their own (including all 9 of hydrogena’s siblings). Everybody found each other, we decided to stick close, and link ourselves so that no one would get lost. Oxygeno’s wise mother said that together, we formed something called glucose. Suddenly, I heard a cacophony of noises around me, which I deduced was the sharp tearing of the acacia tree’s leaf. I was once again separated from my family and friends and stood closer to the giraffe, as I anticipated what it would be like inside a giraffe’s wet mouth. However, once the giraffe took hold of the section I was in, i was once again free, roaming the skies I was familiar with once again.
    Although a bit sad that it was the last time i saw my friends, I do have to say that it is good to be back.

  18. David A says:

    Many years ago I, carbon dioxide, went on a crazy adventure. I was just floating around minding my own business when a plant asks me if we should hang out. The plant seemed like a nice guy so I agreed. Little did I know that the plant was actually going to swallow me and some of my buddies. When inside the plant I, carbon dioxide found myself transformed into glucose. As time went on I was exhaled by the plant causing me to turn into oxygen, a part of my old self. But just when I thought the ride was over a dog had inhaled me! I thought to myself “I want to go back to being a carbon dioxide, this isn’t fair I miss it!” To my surprise this dog was about to exhale me and I couldn’t be happier, respiration had taken place and I turned back into carbon dioxide!. A little while later I thought of my adventure and realized that what I went through wasn’t that bad and it could help people,(animals too), out if me and my friends all pitch in and go through the cycle. But those people have got to start giving us more opportunities and stop relying on those car things. But who knows maybe in the future they will figure it out and go green. The End…

  19. Adrian W says:

    Once upom a time, there I was sitting down with my two beautiful oxygen sisters listening to my dad. He told us a story that every carbon is going to have journey that they will never ever forget. Suddenly he changed the topic and he says that we are going to a vacation site which said to be the most adventurous vacation site ever which is forest. I remember that my teacher told me that plants are the most dangerous thing on earth and they can me really fast. I got scared for a second. Then the next day, here I’am in the forest with my family. My sisters and I decided to take a walk around to find a beatiful plant. Suddenly, a really beautiful plant came out so we went closer and closer towards it. Then, out of nowhere we felt that something is pulling us with a really strong power. It tried to seperate me from my siblings, my lovely oxygen siblings. Eventually, I sucked inside that plant. There was a path inside that I have to go to. Then, something pushes me really fast to get through that path. I’am stuck here now, alone. Suddenly, I found some new friends inside. I have 5 new carbon friends, 6 oxygen friends, and 12 hydrogen friends. I feel really happy now. We are getting along really well, so we decided that from now on we are bestfriend and we won’t leave each other for any reason. One day, I feel really sleepy, so I decided to take a rest for awhile. (sleeps for 200 milion years). I woke up in a day where I don’t know where I’am. I’am alone again and lonely. Suddenly, I hear the voices of my siblings. I try really hard to find them. Suddenly, they appear out of nowhere. I’m really happy that we are back together again now. Then, I start to feel that my siblings and I are in something that is shaking and is really hot. Suddenly, there is an explosion in that place. My siblings and I got pumped out with a lot of lava and ashes. Finally, we breath the fresh air again. We decided to go straight back home and tell our parents about our journey. Now I understand about the journey that dad talked about earlier.

  20. Ethan Q. says:

    Hello there my name is Carbon the common molecule. I am first originated from the
    lights or the rays from the sun is being absorb by a plant a friend of mine name
    bob in a process in which everybody knows, PHOTOSYNTHESIS!!! Other than plants, Some other CO2 molecule friends of mine a from volcano explosions because as the volcano erupts a cloud of ash is formed in the air and in that cloud of ash is you guess it CO2. As soon as Bob the plant is being eaten by my neighborhood bully Sue the rabbit. But then the energy from Sue is now being transferred to one of my loyal teammates Bob the fox. But then suddenly Roger got a heart attack and dies. Then his energy is now being transferred by the other animals who are eating him. I will tell you this other story. At about 200 million years ago, my great-great grandfather, Richard is from a dead extinct stegosaurus which that dinosaur is turned into a thing called fossil fuel and now the humans are using it to burn for energy and my grandpa is free from that dreaded dinosaur. Back to Roger, as soon as the other animals eat Roger, they respirate and they soon release us CO2 in the air and finnaly I am back up here in the nice clean air.

  21. Timmy Metzger says:

    Hello, I am Vulcan the carbon molecule. I am one of many carbon molecules in the atmosphere. My journey started in the heart of a volcano, when I was shot up and into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption. For a a moment, I really felt free. However, I was floating by when a plant absorbed me through photosynthesis. The grass need me to live, to produce its food and its storage of food (starch). I felt trapped, luckily though, I wait wasn’t long. I was chomped on when a came along grazing. I was tossing and turning in the cows mouth when finally the grass I was trapped in was digested in the cows stomach. Again I was trapped. I felt like there was no hope. There was, however I had a feeling that my wait would be much longer this time. A wolf spotted the cow, pounced on it. The cow being a kindhearted creature, stood no chance against the powerful wolf. The wolf ravenously ate his meal. The cow i was trapped in died, and the bacteria and scavengers (for example I saw a Vulture) went to work. The cow and I, were slowly for many years, sinking and dissolving into the ground. In a way, this is like really slow quicksand. As of now, I am trapped in the Earth, still waiting for a chance to be shot up into the air again. So that I can another adventure, all over again.

  22. Stefan G says:

    Hi I’m Bob the carbon molecule. I here today to tell my story of adventure and terror. It’s the story of the carbon cycle. One day I was peacefully floating around on day talking to my friend Billy the oxygen molecule. Then all of a sudden I was sucked up with Billy into this scary plant. It was dark in there I was scared. I only had Billy and my new friends Jim the hydrogen molecule and Billy’s cousin Jeff the oxygen. We were scared, I knew that were trapped but this plant surprised me by changing us into glucose and oxygen. The plant used that for it food. To the plants surprise it was eaten by a cow. Again I am stuck in someone’s body. That cow was later shot dead by this human who took most of the corpse with him but left some to rot and decompose into the soil. Billy and I were separated then. I was left in the dead body and he was floating away free. But he’ll have 2 go through with the cycle again later on. Sadly my cycle is not over yet. It takes millions of years for the decomposers and the soil pushes the corpse down to the ground. I was turn to oil with the body. I was burn…. By those humans… It hurt! Then I was relised into the air where I met with Billy the oxygen again.:)

  23. MIKE DUCKWORTH says:

    @Justin vK
    Hi Justin
    I just had a look at your carbon essay. Pretty good, but what about respiration!

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