Lenses glogs

Canon FL 55mm f1.2 by Arkku on flickr

You can check out each other’s work by clicking on the links below.  You can learn from each other!  Feel free to give each other feedback by leaving a comment.

  • Sam                                 Grace
  • Karenina                       Daniel
  • Justin                             Tyler
  • Mumba                          Carlo
  • Danilo                             Hiram
  • David                              Timmy
  • Anushay                        Kevin
  • JP                                     Davis
  • Adrian                            Ethan
  • John                                Stefan
  • Sandy                              William
  • Bianca                             Agustin
  • Trix                                  Ines
  • Sera                                  Gaby
  • Gabby                             Juliana
  • Nish                                 Emily

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2 Responses to “Lenses glogs”

  1. Mumba says:

    I looked at Sandy’s Blog and it was very good.
    Sandy’s layout was easy to read and nice and bright. She had more than one image, that was useful and helped me understand the lens better. It was also very bright and inviting.

  2. Trix says:

    I looked at Grace’s Glogster and I liked it quite a lot.

    Compared to my Glogster, I suppose it was much more appealing. Mine was based more on reading and having the time to read. I made sure there wasn’t too many photo’s with small words because I know how difficult it is to read that. On the other hand, Grace had one big photo in the middle of her Glogster, and the photo was neither too big nor too small. Although, I do believe there could have been a little more information but other than that, it was quite appealing.
    My poster was quite boring but neat, I could have put a lot more effort onto it. I also could’ve inserted more photos I had to make it more appealing to the audience as well as informative.

    Grace, nice poster!

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