Cell theory

These are the syllabus statements for this section of the syllabus.  Use this presentation, your textbooks, or any other resources you find helpful to tackle these problems.  We will divide and conquer – a bit like cells specializing in one particular function, each of you will be responsible for one section, and then share your expertise.  This can be notes that you leave as a comment to this post, or a handout for your classmates, or both.

  • Outline the cell theory. 
  • Discuss the evidence for the cell theory.
  • State that unicellular organisms carry out all the functions of life.
  • State that multicellular organisms show emergent properties.
  • Explain that cells in multicellular organisms differentiate to carry out specialized functions by expressing some of their genes but not others.
  • State that stem cells retain the capacity to divide and have the ability to differentiate along different pathways.
  • Outline one therapeutic use of stem cells.

Unicellular & Multicellular Organisms     Cell Theory    SPECIALIZATION final

STEM CELLS – Laura Lehmann & Shloka Sharan

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