Creativity with carbon

Imagine you are a carbon atom in a molecule of carbon dioxide in the air.  Close your eyes.  Really imagine yourself as that carbon atom.  Your task is to describe the journey you take from being part of carbon dioxide in the air, through the carbon cycle, until you return to the air again.  Here is my attempt at the beginnings of such a story to give you the idea.  You do not need to start in this way.  You decide.  Get creative!  Let your imagination work!

There I was, happily floating around in my usual gaseous form along with several of my brothers and sisters  (other carbon dioxide molecules), and my good friends nitrogen and oxygen.  We were having a great time bumping into one another, when I got dangerously close to a leaf.  Everyone had always told me to stay away from green plants, that I could get sucked into a stoma and never be seen again.  Before I realized what was happening, I was inside a chloroplast and going through a very fast reaction where I had to let go of my two oxygen atoms, and for a moment be entirely alone.  Before long, I found some other carbons and we joined together, 6 of us, 12 hydrogen friends and 6 oxygen buddies to form a glucose molecule….

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  1. Nacho T says:

    Carbon Cycle

    On a hot sunny day,
    In the middle of May,
    with my two close oxygen friends.
    There we were floating away
    The entire day
    Waiting for something fun.
    The air was cool
    As we passed by a pool,
    And saw children swimming.
    Many others
    With two oxygen Brothers
    Came and followed along.

    I looked around
    Nothing to be found
    Except a tall, tall tree.
    I was sucked in it’s leaf
    Like tasty roast beef
    And gone were my two best friends.
    There I was
    Hearing nothing but “buzz”
    Inside of a chloroplast.
    Then I was released
    Like a big fat beast
    Around the plant, as food.

    I was not alone
    I had plenty to loan
    6 carbon, 6 oxygen and 12 hydrogen buddies.
    There we were
    I was the only her
    In a glucose molecule.
    I was digested
    Like food being tested
    By a tiny little mouse.

    And carried along
    Down a big wide long
    Red digestive tube.
    I sat there waiting
    Really hating
    The situation I was in.
    The acid burned
    As I was turned
    Around the rat’s stomach.

    Then suddenly
    Rat wasn’t free
    T’was eaten, by a snake.
    Again I was there
    Sitting in the same chair
    Back where I, was before.
    Digested by the snake
    Turned into bait
    For a fast huge Hawk.

    The snake ran away
    And was too far away
    For the Hawk to catch it’s tail.
    Now there I was
    In the middle of the “buzz”
    Being transported through it’s veins.
    Then suddenly I was free
    I was happy to be
    Released through the lungs.

    The cycle went on
    I was eaten by Ron
    And released back out again.
    I had to fend
    Till the very end
    The cycle never ends.

  2. Wei Hao says:

    One bright day, we explored
    Me and my girlfriend nitrogen were very bored
    travelling around smaller then ants
    But suddenly, a carbon sink plant
    Sucked me in to a whole new world
    I let go of nitrogen, then I swirled
    This place where molecules have been
    I couldn’t stand it, it was all too green
    Suddenly the sound of a bite
    Crunches the plant I tried to fight
    The sharp teeth of the deadly rabbit
    The dangerous features it inhabits
    Oh I miss my girlfriend nitrogen
    All my friends even floride and hydrogen
    Suddenly the rabbit jumps within a sec
    Landed on his head and broke his neck
    The fiery cry could be heard
    In the distance, a big black bird
    A vulture approached, flapping like a freak
    Piercing the rabbit with its beak
    I felt the beak on my body
    I wasn’t afraid, 2 years in karate
    But then I smell its horrid breath
    Smelt like rotten eggs and meth
    I was dragged out of the rabbit
    I want to go back to the air god dammit
    The vulture shrieked and blew some pieces
    Of the rabbit, he releases
    He chokes for a moment then exhales
    I ran and ran with no time to inhale
    Passing all my friends hydrogen and oxygen
    Then meeting the one girl I love, nitrogen. : )

  3. Asha says:

    It was a day like any other. Sliding along the sky with my siblings, bumping in to my best friends Nitrogen and Oxygen, and then, all of a sudden I saw it; a big and evil green plant coming closer and closer. I had heard stories about other young carbon atoms being sucked into the stoma of a leaf and never coming back again. I didn’t want to suffer the same death as they did. But then, on the spur of the moment I felt an absorbing feeling, and I realized what was happening, I was being sucked into the stoma. As I was in the chloroplast, I felt really dizzy as I was going through a really fast reaction. And on top of that, my two oxygen atom buddies disappeared. But only a few minutes later, I met 5 other carbons, 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. They were all very friendly and together we formed a big blob called a glucose molecule.
    Just as I was getting used to blobbing along in the glucose molecule something happened, big yellow teeth started eating my home the leaf. It was horrible. I was now in the big fat black and white spotted animal that ate the leaf. Luckily, this nightmare didn’t last long. Before I knew it I was blown out again. And as I floated into the air I realized, ‘I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’!

  4. Brian Markley says:

    “The grand adventure of Carl the carbon molecule”

    In a green land far away there lay a little Carbon molecule named Carl, he was floating around inside the wonderful green blade of grass hanging out with his good friend Ollie the oxygen molecule and was about to say goodbye as Ollie was about to leave and explore the world. They were having a good ole time playing checkers and telling funny jokes when all of a sudden a shadow cast over their humble abode. “excuse me can you please moo..” said Carl, but it was too late, the hungry red mouth of a cow gobbled up their home and them along with it but at the last second Ollie was quickly sucked away into the lungs of their new host . “Ollie NOOOOOOOO!!…*sniffle* what am I to do without you buddy?” Carl was very depressed after his panicking had subsided. Carl spent the next few days sitting in the bowls of the beast when all of a sudden their was a commotion in motion. There was Blood everywhere, it seemed as though the cage that kept him contained was being ripped apart by either a train or supposedly a hurricane, but no he was wrong it was indeed a pack of wolves…California wolves, Carl was not sure how they ended up in California but at the moment that kind of thinking was not necessary he needed to get out and fast before it was too late. He couldn’t find a way out so he stayed contained in his little pocket of cow fat but began to burrow deeper as the wolves continued to thrash at the cow. Then, there was silence.
    It was silent there was for a looooong time. It seemed days before anything happened, and our friend Carlwas quite uncomfortable being lodged in the carcass of a dead cow. But to his surprise a worm began to crawl towards him. Carl was curious but cautious and approached this creature slowly and then realized that this was finaly his ticket out of here. He planned to enter the worm then attempt to hold himself as long as possible until the worm left the cow then he would escape into the air. Not so sure about his plan, he took the first step out of the cold lake of terror that was this dead animals leftovers of blood and meat, and was sucked into the worm. He arrived in the worm and met two nice oxygen atoms, they went by the names Bill and Ted, he explained his plan and they decided to join them. They held their ground until the worm then of course had to respire and breath out again and was forced out. Carl closed his eyes in terror as he flew from the worms mouth into the unknown at an alarming speed with his new friends who were in fact enjoying it. Carl wondered how they could possibly be enjoying this, “they obviously must have done this before” Carl thought.
    Then he was floating, weightless in the air with his new friends. Then there it was! In fact it was everywhere. There were so many blades of grass before his molecular eyes that he gasped in amazement, he then decided to float down to the nearest one to once again be where he belongs. He even invited Bill and Ted to join him. They all floated down and were welcomed by the plants doors of photosynthesis and hovered into a leaf being stored as glucose. Then there he was! Carls good old friend Ollie, he was right there. Apparently he had escaped the plant at the last second he escaped the cow and fell back toward a plant and managed to sneak into a new blade of grass with the assistance of a few other carbon molecules, who left shortly afterwords, just like how Carl helped Bill and Ted get into the plant. Our two friends Carl and Ollie were joined together agin and even had some new friends to be with, and the moral of the story is that no matter what, The friendship of these two molecules will never be seperable through the Carbon cycle of life.

  5. Kavita says:

    My journey as a carbon atom
    As the wind blew, I and my brothers and sisters danced and floated around merrily. With me were my two ever-faithful buddies – my two oxygen atoms. There we were, on top of the world, without any fears, unbound and absolutely free. We danced and played and rejoiced. We (me and my two oxygen buddies) were having a race with nitrogen and oxygen. We had a wonderful time – running and bumping and laughing at each other. It was noon, and the breeze was beginning to slow down. We were nearing a cabbage field. Suddenly, nitrogen shouted, “Hey! Whoever first reaches the cabbage field will be the winner!” We all raced towards the field enthusiastically, not realizing the dangers that lie there. Me and my oxygen buddies reached the field first and we shouted, “Hahaha, we came fir-“
    Before we realized, a sudden and strong pull sucked us in. We were absolutely clueless as to what was happening. The light faded away and we were in a chamber. It was dark in there and we could hear the worried cries of other carbon atoms. “Ahhh!’ I looked around, my oxygen buddies were missing! I was panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Then, out of nowhere, I realized that I was being compressed, and along with me were 5 more carbons, twelve hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. Suddenly, it struck me – I was inside a cabbage plant that was photosynthesizing! I was now a part of a glucose molecule.
    For a few days, I was absolutely shocked by what all had happened. One day, the farmer who owned the field cut the cabbage plant and took them to his house. My cabbage was washed, and cut and cooked. The farmer ate the cabbage and took us into his body. There, in his stomach, the food was being burnt with oxygen to release energy. And that was when I was again ripped off from my newly made friends and joined with a pair of oxygen atoms. My life is so sad! I never get to stay with my buddies for long…Then, along with the two oxygens, I went through his nose and was again released into the air…..
    At first, I was absolutely shaken by what had happened to me in these few days….”Hey!” I looked back- there was, my nitrogen buddy! I closed my eyes and brought a smile to my face…..I was back home..:)

  6. Adilet S says:

    I was having a blast, stuck with my oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon friends (C6H12O6). We were having a good time chilling in a chloroplast. Suddenly we felt a large earthquake, and heard a deafening noise coming closer and closer. Suddenly large yellow teeth ripped the plant to pieces, we were screaming for our lives and were plunged into the darkness. Everything else was a blur, we were transferred from the digestive system to the bloodstream, suddenly several oxygen molecules came and separated us from each other. Before I knew it, I was travelling with two oxygen molecules, both of whom I’d never seen before. After the animal died, I was still stuck inside its rotten body for several million years. During that time I left the oxygen molecules and joined instead with hydrogen atoms. One day I was finally released from the decaying prison through a shiny metal pipe. I then underwent a couple of processes and I was left with several carbon and hydrogen friends. We were then put inside a fuel tank with our other hydrocarbon friends. Suddenly there was a large spark which set everyone on fire, I was released from my hydrocarbon chain and fell to the ground. I lay there, unable to move until two oxygen molecules came and helped me out. For the first time in a couple of million years, I was back in the air again. I felt happy and free, that was until I found myself get sucked into a chloroplast again.

  7. Charlotte Chung says:

    I was living happily alongside my family, consisted of 5 other carbons like me, 12 hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms, forming a glucose molecule. We thought we would never be separated from our home on that green, leafy plant. The stoma is a wonderful home, such a luxurious and comfortable place to be. I was relaxing at home like any other day, when suddenly my entire neighborhood was lifted from the ground and I had lost touch with my family. It seemed that our neighborhood was being swallowed by a large animal. I was completely alone for a while, and I started to panic. I had never been alone before. Luckily though, I immediately befriended two oxygen atoms and joined with them. Now, we had combined to become a carbon dioxide molecule. It was a different experience for me in a new environment, but before I knew it, we were exhaled out and ended up floating around in the air. I felt free and my oxygen friends and I were awed. We were bouncing happily next to our new neighbors nitrogen and oxygen. As we were floating in the air, we came close to another leafy green plant, and we were sucked in. My oxygen buddies let go and I found myself among a new family in a glucose molecule. I was home again!

  8. Naoto Hamamitsu says:

    Not Again!!

    On the atmosphere of the Amazon, there was a molecule of Carbon Dioxide called “The Brakeless Bond”. There were two oxygen atoms that were bonded to Zack, the carbon atom. “hahaha you are a failure of carbon!!” The two oxygen atoms were so annoying that Zack wanted to get rid of them many times. So one day, Zack took the oxygen atoms down to the forest an as soon as they arrived a leaf swallowed them. Inside the chloroplast, finally the oxygen atoms got away and were kicked out from the leaf. But just when Zack was enjoying the freedom inside the leaf, he felt the sunlight through the leaf. In the next moment he was bonded with 12 little hydrogen atoms, 5 carbon atoms, of which one was his brother and 6 extreme annoying atoms of oxygen. He was about to faint when he saw the oxygen atoms, talking and joking around the others.
    After some weeks, the new bonded glucose molecule was inside a mango fruit. They were all talking with other glucose groups, until they felt that something moved the mango. They didn’t notice it, but they were being transported into the city inside a box filled with mangos. The car ran over hours until it reached the city with the box filled with mangos. But, when they reached a high way, a bus crashed the little car with mangos, making all the mangos fly away. Inside the mango, Zack felt the crash, shaking all the tiny atoms. “What’s going on!?” the hydrogen atoms cried. Outside the mango, the boxes were broken and destroyed by the accident, letting some mangos to roll outside. The humans started to pick up the mangos, but they left the one in which Zack was. Zack and his annoying mates thought that they were being picked up also, but they were left down the street.
    Once again, they waited for some days until a huge bacteria in and ate the glucose bond of Zack. Inside the bacteria, he was separated with the others and saw the other carbon atoms being bonded with two oxygen atom, forming a Carbon Dioxide. “I’m never going to get rid of them, why I can’t be like uranium?” thought Zack. But just in that moment, he saw a group of hydrogen atoms and in the next moment he was bonded with four of them forming a methane molecule. They got out of the bacteria, talking about the atom number 130. Zack couldn’t believe the happiness until he got too much close to the factories fire and was bonded with oxygen atoms once again.

  9. Celina says:

    Like every other carbon atom, I liked to float around in the air, chilling and stuff. We liked bumping into each other; the oxygen, nitrogen and I. We were having the time of our lives. That is, until I got sucked into a big green leaf. I started panicking as I lost two of my oxygen atoms, but calmed down when 5 more carbon atoms joined with me, along with 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. I did not have enough time adjusting to my new condition as a big long mouth with yellow teeth leaned over and grazed the leaf that I had inhabited. It started chewing on the leaf, and I got swallowed down its throat. In my past experiences, I would usually join back with 2 oxygen atoms and 6 H2O atoms, and then released into the air. However, this time, nothing happened. I stayed in the same form in that animal, made some few friends during my stay. So far, the oxygen atom is my favorite. 10 years later, the animal died. That day was probably the saddest day of my life. I stayed in that animal, even when it’s no longer breathing, for hundreds and hundreds of years, loyal as ever. Soils and dead leaves compiled on the animal, compressing and squeezing the animal.
    One mid-summer night, a careless camper threw his cigarette on the ground, not bothering to step on it in order to put it out. A couple of hours later, they left the camp site, the cigarette still there, and a few more hours passed before the fire at the end of the cigarette grew, spreading on to the dried leaves and sticks. Heat was the only thing I felt. Everywhere I looked, fire was present. The heat finally made its way down the Earth’s crust, creeping closer and close to where I am. I tried to squirm away, but I simply cannot leave the animal. Finally the fire reached me and combusted me up into the air, separating me from my dear animal. No sooner was the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atom ripped apart from me. I was back into the air before I know. It felt different to me this time, like a strange place that I don’t belong in – but after all, I have been away from it for so long.

  10. Hank says:

    They pulled us out of the earth. We had changed since our time on the surface, those of us who were trapped beneath the layers became solid. Being clumped together in the dark for millions of years did a lot to change my priorities. I longed for the breeze of the air, to be free once again. Soon, they took us away. We found ourselves in something they called a coal plant. It was a surprise to see so many others like us, how long had they been trapped down below? We rolled down a small hill of our own until we were at the bottom, and they gathered us together, moving us again.
    Then there was fire. But it seemed that the heat was our friend. In spite of their fire we were freed from our prisons. We floated slowly up into the air as we took our original forms once again. There was a strange feeling of coming home. For some time we flew together again, joined by our brothers and sisters and oxygen and nitrogen. But being in flight after so long we lost sight of ourselves, and many of our own, including me, flew too close to a green plant. The voices of the family cried out as we were sucked away yet again. We had spent millions of years together, and to be parted after so long was unbearable. In a swirl of colors my two oxygen atoms, my friends since a time beyond recalling were taken away from me. But we managed to pull together again, now 6 oxygen, 6 carbon and 12 hydrogen to change form again into glucose.
    Trapped again, I and some of the others of us who had been together in the ground shook violently, eager to be free. As if in answer to our prayers, a cow took a bite of the plant and we were brought up into the mouth. My brothers and sisters scrambled in panic; fortunately the cow had bitten into a rock as well. It stopped for a moment to sort out the plant from the rock, and as it exhaled we sped into the air free at least.

  11. Isfandyar (IF) says:

    I was floating in the air, chilling with my other carbon buddies. All of a sudden, they dared me to go touch the big green tree; they said I’d never be a real carbon molecule if I didn’t. At first I hesitated and argued that none of them touched the tree themselves, but then I realized that all the carbon molecules were looking at me—including the girls. I thought to myself; if I could touch that tree and come back I would be a legend. A twinge of motivation and courage floated through my body.
    “All right,” I said, “I’ll go.”
    I made my way towards that green beast. That tree had been there for hundreds of years. I closed up on it, but the next few minutes of my life were a blur. I got sucked in by the tree along with a few more carbon molecules I didn’t know. It was dark inside the tree, but a sharp noise came from outside—it was the sound of a chainsaw along with human voices. They cut down the tree but I was below along with other molecules. It was the scariest thing I ever experienced. Soon, I sunk into the Earth with a few friends I made. We went deep under. As we kept getting deeper there were hundreds of millions of more carbon molecules.
    124 years later:
    I got accustomed to my life, living in a volcano. There were hundreds of billions of us down here. Lately there’s been much rumbling in the volcano, I think it might explode. 10:24am: KABOOOOOOM. In such a speed the volcano erupted. All of the carbon population got sprayed into the air. I was back, I saw the volcano ruin the scenery, but at least I was out. I could go back to my family.

  12. J.C.B.S. says:

    I was sitting there by the bench at Petroleum Station and all the other carbons and oxygees were on the train to get to work. My parents told me that I had to go to work but I didn’t want to just yet so I asked my two best friends Genny and Oxar to come with me. They were ten minutes late so I had to wait a lot. I kept on wondering what going to work was going to be like since I’ve always spent my time underground with the magnees and nitroes. Nitery, my neighbor underground, told me that his cousin was up there near the sun where it was so much hotter, just like the lava pit. Just when I was about to doze off, Oxar and Genny came running, they’re always like that. These Oxy twins were known for being late and not on time so none of the adults liked them. Once they got there we rode on the Smoke train on our way to Airfellia. At Airfellia we started looking for work. There were so many jobs but we ended up doing the Photosynthesizer job where you had to take a picture under the sun. It paid 50 electrons and 45 protons but then you had to stay there until the light was gone because they said it was easier to travel since it was cooler. We applied for the job and was immediately accepted, they always accept us 2 oxygees and a carbon. They only denied an application if you were an Ion, if you were unstable or crazy. We went in and they prepared us for the picture-taking, they took about four pictures of us and then they had us group-up with five other carbons, twelve hydroes, and four more oxygees. We stayed there for the night and then they let me, Genney, and Oxar go out. We were about to go home but Genny noticed that we didn’t have enough money so we had to take another job. The first one we found was the animal supplier, there were twelve hydroes and four oxygees waiting for us. We immediately got the job because we were ‘just what they needed’. I was starting to wonder why they always needed ‘6 carbons, 12 hydroes , and 6 oxygees’ so I asked the staff what it was about that grouping: “Oh that? Well, the only way we can get into a plant or an animal is by being consumed as food and to become food we have to be glucose, the grouping we’re in. Get it?” So that’s that, this grouping was what they called the Glucorouping. They took us to a giant umbrella looking building that read Shitake-San’s Feeding Corporation. They led us to a room and let us sleep there for the night. No one slept though because everyone was on a sugar rush. Just before midnight we felt the room being detached. There was this big brown lean thing that had its teeth in the room. All the other glucoroupings panicked but ours didn’t because we were told that this would happen. After the ‘detachment’ we found ourselves in a dark cave, there was gooey stuff everywhere. I found Oxar and Genny near a bumpy red thing, it was solid but it was soft. We sank in it but found that it wasn’t thet scary, it was more like a cubicle but and there were machines in there. Some of them read Mitochondrion, Nucleuse, and The Ribosome. They were all working so hard when we felt the sensation they called ‘dying’. The light was going out and everyone was quiet. The machines slowed down and we were stuck there for months. We finally got out and there was the sun. I felt a familiar sensation… it was the ground! I was on my way to Peatomia, my hometown but there were still years between us! The piece of ground I was on was suddenly lifted and dropped down a pit. It smelled familiar. The Surface was hard and it smelled of Mrs. Petrolees pies. I ran to the highway and got a taxi. I told the driver to take me to Petomia. I got there and I hugged my mom, I told my mom that I didn’t want to do it again but mom said “It’s a cycle honey, you can’t avoid it.”

  13. Ariana says:

    I was a proud, carbon molecule, happily floating around my human owner’s body with my oxygen friends, waiting for my turn to be exhaled into the world beyond. Many of my other carbon molecule friends that were inhaled told me about the excitement of being exhaled and going into the outside world, and I was so thrilled that it was almost my turn to go! Suddenly, something odd occurred. I was right next in line to be exhaled, but my human stopped breathing! I was trapped! I had nowhere to go! I would never get to see the outside world that my adventurous molecule friends had experienced! Just as I was about to lose all hope of moving again, I felt a little movement; a tiny wriggling thing nibbling at my owner. It was a worm! A decomposer, decaying my owner’s body. At last, I would be released and get to see the outside world! After one more bite, a bright light blinded my eyes and WHOOSH – I was free!
    Floating around, I met more carbon molecules, and even saw some of my old friends who shared my human owner! They introduced me to their oxygen and nitrogen friends. As I was happily chatting with them, we wandered towards a field, where a farmer was going around planting and harvesting his crops. They looked so green and leafy, so I decided to go closer to take a better look at them. Their green color mesmerized me, and I couldn’t hear my friends calling after me not to go too near or I would lose them! As I felt myself being sucked into the lettuce leaf, I could see my life flashing before my eyes. I thought I would never see the outside world again, with all my molecule friends. My oxygen friends had left me, and for the first time since I entered my human owner’s body, I was all alone.
    I was miserable on my own. I had no friends inside this strange new plant. Surprisingly, just as I was wishing some hydrogen and oxygen molecules were around so they could form my tears, some showed up! No tears came though, and they brought with them some of their carbon buddies. Pulling me aside, they asked if I would like to join them to form a glucose molecule. They needed one more carbon atom to complete the molecule to make food for the lettuce, and they were begging me to join them. At this, I perked up. I was needed to feed this vegetable! What would it do without me? I immediately agreed, and the glucose molecule we formed nourished the plant and made it grow.
    On harvesting day, the farmer took his produce, including us, to the market. We were going to be sold! Excited as I was to go back to humans (I did like humans), I didn’t want to leave my hydrogen, oxygen, and other carbon friends. That night, our owner used the lettuce we were in to make a salad. My friends and I braced ourselves for the dreaded point where we would go our separate ways. As the human was about to take his first bite of the salad, I thought to myself, “Wait, if I started in a human, went to the outside world and got back to a human, maybe the same thing will happen to me again – like a cycle!” As the human chose our leaf and we were being shoved into the darkness, I grinned to myself, knowing that sooner or later, I would see the bright light of the outside world once again.

  14. Isabel says:

    I have gone through several horrible events in my life. I was sucked in by deadly, green chloroplasts. I have been tossed and turn inside a rabbit’s mouth, drowning in its saliva. Lastly, I have been broken down and decomposed by those gross, violent fungi. Luckily, I was released back into the air. I survived. I thought I was never going to get out of that plant, much less out of the animal. Fortunately, I was able to escape. Others however, aren’t so lucky.

    My story starts floating in the air, hanging out with my usual gang, my oxygen and nitrogen crew. We were just floating about, having a fun time; until I came to close to a leaf. That darn leaf. It sucked me in faster than the speed of lightning. My friends couldn’t do anything to save me. At first, I was scared and lonely. Soon after however, I was joined with other carbon molecules and some hydrogen molecules too. For a week, we hung out inside the leaf, getting to know each other and meeting other glucose molecules. I was actually happy there, until the fluffy, big-eared monster of doom tore down the whole utopia of greenery.

    The rabbit attacked the plant like Godzilla attacking Tokyo. It gnawed on the leaves with its humongous, monstrous teeth. It picked up the plant with its sharp nails and crumpled the leaves with its paws. I never thought something so adorable would be even deadlier than King Kong. Eventually, the leaf I was housed in would be eaten next. I held on to my glucose molecule pals as the rabbit’s mouth opened (it wasn’t a pretty sight either). Once the mouth closed, I felt like I was riding a stomach-turning roller coaster (not that I have a stomach). I was going down the throat now, which felt like a water slide. I hung on to my glucose molecule buddies for dear life. When we were finally digested, we settled inside the animal. There we stayed, for a long time.

    Little did I know that the worst was still to come. It was months, maybe even years, before anything happened to me. This was the point where I thought nothing else was going happen; I was going to stay inside this creature forever. One day however, the rabbit was shot. Not by a hunter, but by a little, fat boy with a sling shot. The rabbit was knocked off its feet and I was tossed and turned in a whirlpool of acidic juices. The chubby boy hit the rabbit again and again, torturing it. Finally, the rabbit dropped dead, and the boy left. There was darkness, and everything came to a stop.

    A year had passed when finally, the fungi took action and surrounded the body. Slowly and surely, the fungi decomposed the rabbit’s body. I was only in the fungi for a second, and then I was released into the air. After such a long time, I was free.
    To all those carbon molecules who think that this journey was fun, it wasn’t. So stay as far away as possible from any green leaf. Otherwise, be ready for the most dangerous ride of your life.

  15. Kate C says:

    Here I am merrily floating around with a multitude of carbon dioxide molecules, nitrogen and oxygen pals. I’ve been to Tokyo, Paris and Antarctica in my dazzling gaseous form with my usual clan. As I gracefully flew, I saw a carcass with worms in it and all kinds of tiny bacteria eating the remains of the dead creature. They are decomposers and they took the nutrients of the dead animal, broke it down and released it in another form. For the millionth time, I encountered a decomposer play its part. Every day was an ordinary day for me as I flew and flew with my clan.
    Until one day, I was sucked into a chloroplast within a vicious green plant and was dragged away from my usual group. I tried to pull back but the force was too strong to fight against. So, I gave up and tears trickled down my invisible eyes as I let go of my pals whom I consider my family. Then everything went pitch black.
    I woke up and found myself linked with a gang consisting of 6 carbons, 12 hydrogen pals and 6 oxygen buddies in a very green environment filled with glucose molecules. They are all very sweet. There was one glucose molecule I met and everything changed as our eyes met. A week has gone by and we spent so much quality time together. Until one day an ominous shadow hovered over us. We panicked and it absorbed me with the plant in it. I could hear the crunch and I lose my soul mate as I lose consciousness. I woke up in a slimy and stinky body filled with organism. The reality of losing my one and only true love hurt me so bad and the dark days came back. My invisible heart was torn apart and I wept. I did not want to make any more friends because I’ve lost so many of them. Not for long, a force pushed me out of the body of the giraffe and back into the air. And the pain in my heart disappeared as soon as I saw my original clan waiting for me. It was like heaven! We reunited and linked back together as I told them what I’ve been through and what I’ve witnessed. Thinking about my soul mate (the glucose molecule), I believe that one day or someday we will meet again just like how I did with my family. Life is a cycle.

  16. Kelvin says:

    The Dangerous Adventure of the Carbon Atom
    I am a carbon dioxide, released from the exhaust pipe of a monster truck along the road, with my carbon dioxide friends, in the open. But little I knew, we were near many plants that had the bottomless pits, the leaves. I accidentally descended near a leaf, away from my friends, coming close to the leaf fast. Boom! I collided with the leaf, and it sucked me in. I had no chose but to say good- bye to my oxygen molecules. Letting them go was quite hard for me to do, but it was for the best. Seeing them floating away from the plant, I had to regroup with other oxygen atoms, until I saw a bunch of my former self: Carbon Dioxides, floating inside the same leaf that I’m in. Taking refuge with the other 5 carbons, 12 hydrogen’s and 6 oxygen’s or known as our compound form, Glucose, supplying energy with the sun to create photosynthesis for the day.
    A few days later…, while the leaf was respiring in the night, I was pulled out to the open air, with new oxygen buddies, Brian and Wei How, now floating towards a farm; I had change directions to go inside a farm.
    Upon entering, I floated in the area of the farm, I circled twice checking the interior, and almost going for the second circle, I got sucked by someone, inhaling exactly like a vacuum machine, fight my way out of the struggle, but thinking that if he goes outside, then I can go back and search my old friends. With that plan in mind, I let myself get sucked in. And waited… Brian and Wei How detached from my side to a round, black- pitched hole, never seeing them again. I can’t rescue them since I was a carbon atom, so I waited for the Exhale Express to come, like one minute later, I boarded the exhale express and it gave me an extra push towards the open air. Floating on the air so far, I saw quite a view.
    Floating for days, I found myself close to a cloud of smoke, being exhaust from the exhaust pipe of a car. And reuniting with my old oxygen friends, Hans and Varun. Forming back to our awesome self and happily floating away across the open sky.

  17. Joy :) says:

    “Vrooooooom!” Went the car 40 miles per hour past the green traffic light. By the second, I was losing my fellow carbon dioxide molecule friends. Soon, soon I knew that I was next, but I was not entirely sure when. I held on to my best carbon dioxide (molecule) friend, and not before long, I was shot out of the exhaust pipe. My molecule body floated up the air; to just see more of my kind.
    “Hi, hi there!”
    “Hello, are you new out here?”
    “Yes, yes I am. Can you tell me where I am?”
    “Well, you’re out in the open, where you can happily move around.”
    “Wow, there’s so much space! Oh, where should I go first?!”
    “No need to decide now, you have all the time in the world. But, but, come closer my young padawan (carbon dioxide molecule).”
    I shifted my body towards the direction of my new friend (carbon dioxide molecule).
    “Beware of the earthly monsters. They look green, they have stems, some are big and some are small, some have bright pretty colors and some have dark ominous colors. They suck you in and make you go through a vicious cycle in them. My wife had disappeared for years now; she came to close to one of them.”
    “Oh, thank you for your advice. I shall be careful of my surroundings out in this open world.”
    Whoa, is that the Eifel tower I see, I have heard so much about it. I love this new place, full of excitement; the city life just motivates me to see more. I let my small fragile body float around the air, taking me where ever. It is a beauty to see all these people so deeply in loved, strolling around, sharing their banana splits. I soon approach a place called a “zoo”. Inside, I saw strange looking people. One of them had a long slimy body, others had hairy ones, but there was one special person. It had a long neck, with brown spots on them and a mouth which was quite long. I shifted my direction toward him, to see if I could get a better look. Before I knew it, something sucked me in! Oh no! It was the green monster my friend (carbon dioxide molecule) was talking about. I was going through some sort of reaction. It was as if I was transforming myself to form another molecule. “Bang!” Other carbon atoms joined together with me as well as hydrogen atoms. In here, I made new friends.
    “What is happening to us right now?” I asked.
    “We’re going to be turned into a glucose molecule!” Wapack! The tail of the strange person hit our part of the monster (tree). Suddenly, I felt that I was falling down slowly. I finally reached a sturdy ground. And there I was with my new friends, decaying on the ground, waiting for the next adventure for me. Many years later, my friends and I were found again, but we were deep, deep in the ground. I went through another process of being liquid gas again. It looks like a man decided to pump my friends and I into his car- I’m ready to roll again.

  18. Stuart Sy says:

    I was happily floating around in the huge oil deposit in which I lived. Then one day, a huge drill descended in upon my house and sucked me, and my friendly molecule friends. I was shaken around in a huge barrel for two months, and then pumped into an underground storage area. I was heated up in a big tank for hours. After that, I was sucked off from the rest of the molecules and turned into gasoline. After that, I sat for many hours in a lonely barrel, and then I was sucked, again, into a fuel tank. It was very hot inside the tank and I was combusted. I combined with two oxygen molecules and shot out into the open air. It was a wonderful feeling. I drifted around the sky, and played with nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, then came down and sat on a tree to rest. Little did I know, the leaves on plants had stomata which sucked in carbon dioxide. While I slept, the giant leaves of the tree sucked me in. I was quickly grouped with 6 water molecules, 12 hydrogen molecules, and 5 other carbon molecules, and sunlight was shone upon us. We then transformed into a glucose molecule. The plant didn’t eat us, so we were stored as starch. One day however, a lightning bolt struck the tree and we were hurled into a lake. I was alone for thousands of years at the bottom of the ocean, but over thousands of years, rocks and soil crushed me and I was compressed until I became an oil molecule again and was reunited with my family.

  19. AJohn says:

    I was hanging out with my two oxygen friends. We were holding hands, and jumping about in the air. We were dancing around with water when suddenly there was this green thing. I heard horror stories about how other carbons have been taken away from their friends. And then it happened. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember finding myself in a part of some leaf, the stoma perhaps. My friends have always told me to avoid leafs, so I won’t be put in this torture chamber, yet there I was inside the stoma, all alone. I didn’t know what happened to my best oxygen bodies, but I knew that they were also alone in some other part of this leaf. This was the scariest moment of my life. However, I suddenly found myself with another group of atoms. There were 5 other carbons, 12 hydrogens, and 6 oxygens. I didn’t know any of them. We had to make up a name for our group, and we decided ‘glucose’ was best. I then noticed a group of atoms near us. They called themselves 02.. I soon realized that these were the oxygen friends I had before I was part of glucose.
    I was when I lost my original oxygen friends, but then I forgot about missing them as I made good friends with other atoms in my glucose molecule. And then it happened again. We were lounging around inside the leaf, when suddenly some animal roared towards the plant we were in. Thump. Thump. Thump. And that was it. I found myself awake inside an animal cell. I was still with my glucose friends. I felt safe because I was not alone. Then the thing I feared most happened once again. It happened very quickly, so I don’t quite remember everything. Our glucose molecule was torn apart inside the cell, and the next thing I know, I was back in my original form with two other oxygen friends. We were taken away from the animal through the lungs, where we were thrown out. It was the best moment of my life. I was back in the outdoors, floating about.
    I will never again forget this life changing experience. I lost my original oxygen friends, but I made even more friends in this adventure. I realized that I’m immortal. I will always be a carbon atom that will never die. The only difference will be who I bond with. But I guess I’ll just have to live like that.

  20. NICK CHING says:

    Edgar the Carbon Atom

    So here I was, stuck in the ground, just hoping for someone to find me. I used to be inside the bird, but he got stuck in the bog, and never decomposed. Now, I am inside coal, and all of my friends have been mined already. I just hope they pick me next, I feel exhausted; no movement in millions of years.

    “WOAHHHH, someone is hitting us with a pickaxe” I said. Everyone went silent and just waited for the glorious moment where our rock would end up on the conveyer belt to the outside world.
    “SUNLIGHT” we all shouted.

    The conveyer belt was moving in an incline, so we didn’t know what was happening. Little did we know that we were going to be burned into energy; we panicked, and all tried to escape. It was no use; we were stuck in the rock, just waiting to die.

    We fell down into the fiery pits of hell, and were burned alive. Luckily, we all survived and were released as a carbon dioxide compounds. I was bound to two oxygen atoms, and we became best friends for life. I told them my name was Edgar, and their names were Allen and Poe. We roamed as one through the world for years on end, until stupid stomata inhaled us, and we were instantly separated, and I was a lonely carbon atom once again.
    Then, I met some friends and we became a glucose molecule, there were 24 of us; 12 hydrogen, 6 oxygen, and 6 of us. We were in the plant for a while until our leaf was blown into a bog, and we weren’t decomposed. Layers of soil compressed us for millenniums at a time, until we all broke and were rearranged into a chunk of coal, and the wait for miners began yet again.

  21. Alex says:

    Carbon Story.

    I was hanging out with my family when I saw my friend, Chuck, get pulled in by one of the plants. None of my family was brave enough to go and save Chuck, so I volunteered and fell right into the plant. He was ahead of me so I had to catch up to him and the others or I couldn’t become glucose. If that happened I would be stuck in the plant forever. Once I caught up, 17 others and me formed glucose. Chuck was still ahead of me and was in his own glucose molecule. Now we just had to wait for someone to eat us in order to return to our home.
    After a few days of waiting, we suddenly heard a loud crunching sound and when we looked out it was a dragon. Finally we found our escape but too bad it’s a dragon. They have very hot stomachs. After a few days of immense heat, a Jedi killed the dragon and me and I returned to my original form, carbon. I sank deep into the ground and I finally found Chuck and made sure that he didn’t get lost. Since no one had come to rescue us, Chuck and me were fossilized and were now stuck.
    After many years there we were suddenly sucked up and turned into fossil fuels. We met up with my old oxygen friends, Harold and Marley, and we made two pairs of CO2. We were almost home when Harold saw his parents and pulled Chuck with him. I had to follow them and once again, Chuck was pulled into a plant. This time I was faster so after becoming glucose we were quickly eaten by an animal.
    We were let out due to the plant respiring and we were once again, on our way back home. Once we got back, we met our friends Norris, Bruce and Lee and enjoyed the freedom of being CO2. I told Chuck that if he ever gets pulled in again, I wouldn’t save him again. He didn’t believe me because he thought the trip was fun so he flew straight towards a tree and got pulled in. I was lying and so, I flew into the same plant and started my rescue again.

  22. Bettina says:

    My name is Carrie Carbon, and this is my story. I was with my best carbon friends Casey and Connie and we were dancing along with our other friend’s Nicky Nitrogen and Olivia Oxygen. While I was dancing I was suddenly attracted to a red tulip. I’ve never seen one before and this was exciting. I was being cocky and decided to dance along the edges of the tulip, careful enough to not get sucked in, when all of a sudden my evil twin Caren, pushes me, along with Casey, Connie, Olivia and her 5 cousins into the flower and now we’re being photosynthesized! I was so in trouble when I got home.
    So at first the flower wasn’t so bad, we were just there chilling it out, the scary part of turning into a glucose molecule was over then whammmo! The flower starts shaking. At first I thought it was an earth quake but then I adjust my eyes to see and its some stupid flat nose reindeer. Oh but the story isn’t over, a fresh from hibernation bear decides to maul and eat the reindeer after the it trips and falls in front of the bears cave, now this was the gross part. The bear started attacking the reindeer and we were just holding on trying to tough it out then suddenly we’re in the bear. When I heard these stories I thought they were exaggerating, but I swear my shape was ruined.
    Thank god though this story is coming to an end, the bear sneezes and we’re out, flying back home. When I got home though…. Well that’s another story.

  23. Karina Swee says:

    Once upon a time there was a green plain. On that plain, there was a rabbit as white as snow. I was known as one of those carbon atoms that live in glucose molecules. I was named Freddie, one of the most energetic carbon atoms in all the land. I had lived in the rabbit for quite a while, but it was last Sunday when the oddest thing occurred. A fox wandered around the green plain and gobbled the snow white rabbit right up! I found myself traveling around the fox in a daze. Suddenly, I was catapulted into the sky and I met a few of my good friends Gilbert and Geraldine, the oxygen twins. I could feel the rush of adrenaline as I soared through the air with Gilbert and Geraldine! Unfortunately, I had been too close to a green leaf that I had been engulfed into chloroplast! Gilbert and Geraldine went missing; they were nowhere to be found! I was in a moment of panic until I bumped into more carbons that were in the same state of mind. We huddled together and soon we met oxygen atoms like Gilbert and Geraldine, and hydrogen atoms! It felt like home suddenly becoming a glucose molecule again. I could remember the echoes of shouts and screams as the plant began to die. It was like the world was going to end! Abruptly, the plant decomposed. I found myself on the green plain in the grass. I was extremely relieved.

    “Hello there, young rabbit!” I shouted as a rabbit as white as snow passed by. My adventure had ended, as the rabbit stooped down and gulped me up. It was an adventure I’d never forget; maybe I’ll encounter Gilbert and Geraldine again.

  24. Harry Gaskin says:

    I’d always been bored with the average life of a carbon molecule in the air. I wanted something more! I wanted adventure! Some of my friends had started this adventure, being used in plants. I had enough of being just a random carbon atom in CO2; I wanted to be part of something more.

    I caught a ride down towards a nice green plant on a gust of wind. As I approached the plant, I had to stop and think if I was making the right choice. As it turned out that I was too close to the stomata to turn back. It sucked me and my other Oxygen boys into the plants body. I went screaming through the blackness and hit my head on something very hard. When I finally regained my wits and could concentrate on what was going on around me, I couldn’t see my two Oxygen boys. I was all alone in the plant.

    I could feel something changing in the air around me. I realized I was in one of the legends of my people! A photosynthesis reaction resulting in Glucose! Only the greatest and bravest of Carbon atoms were allowed to become part of Glucose. I saw a group of other Carbon atoms, Hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms barreling towards me. One of the carbon atoms shouted at me “ C’mon! We have one last space for a carbon! Seeing yet another opportunity for adventure, I leapt at them.

    After having a whale of a time in the plant, the rest of the guys informed me of what happened next. Respiration. In all of the legends of my ancestors, I’d never heard of this process. They said we’d be broken down into CO2, Water and Energy for the plant. I was really wanted to go home, I had enough adventure for the day. After I was taken from my new friends, I found 2 new oxygen atoms to bind with. The plant then released me from its bondage and I flew up, up toward the sky!

  25. Jae Woo J says:

    I was the little carbon molecule. I drifted around the open space, along with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. We moved in packs with two oxygen molecules attached to my side. The sun began to rise along the horizon. We started to descend down onto the hill to find shade. But suddenly, there was a pulling force, we couldn’t avoid this vortex. We were getting pulled and pulled, until we found ourselves inside the plant’s chlorophyll.
    Our limbs and our bonds tore off; my two oxygen particles and I were separated. Then, another new set of 6 oxygen, 12 hydrogen and 5 other carbon molecules came together to form glucose. It was a bigger group and a lot of awkward silence. I tried to break this awkwardness through conversations but the molecules were too tired from fighting off the chlorophyll. Several other glucose molecules, just like us, were stored in a chamber- they too were very tired. Few days has past, we still gathered closely together, sometimes yearning about the days when we were lingering around the atmosphere; dreaming to fly along with the pigeons. It was too boring.
    We stayed as glucose for a while until the plant stopped working. We no longer heard the sound of photosynthesis; we no longer heard the plant respire. The plant has shut down. There were lots of commotion, “Oh my! We are going to die!”, “Let me out!”. Along with this chaos, the roofs of the chamber started to compress. It began to compress gradually. Every year, the ceilings of the roof began to decrease. Eventually, we had to cram inside the room. We were in physical contact and struggled to make space, we were compressed harder and harder. Thus, in the end, we were all squashed and we broke apart into coal.
    Million years after, a small steel tank started to suck us out. It was strange, different from what we saw million years before. I was placed inside a steel container and we were shipped across the open sea. After our arrival to a factory, we were sealed and heated for several hours which tickled me on the shoulders. Then, we were poured out as a refined fossil fuel.
    Then, I travelled through a metal tube and I was sucked into an engine. I got converted solely into carbon alone and I was boosted out into the atmosphere. The sunlight pierced through my eyes, which nearly shed me to tears. The happiness as an independent molecule was unforgettable. Then I flew across the sky along with the pigeons and thought about my adventure.

  26. Husan says:

    My Extremely Awesome Journey as a Carbon

    My name is Larry. Me and two of my other oxygen friends were coming out from a dog’s mouth and I tell you I wasn’t the only one. I never understood animals and plants. Why did they have to inhale us, my carbon friends with glucose, hydrogen and oxygen community and only let US, carbons and oxygens out? I always wondered what happened to the glucose and hydrogen nations after they would get sucked in by animals and plants. After the dog exhaled me and two of my oxygen friends, I started rising up, high up to the atmosphere. After 3 or 4 hours, the sun rose and radiated its rays to the mother earth. Plants started photosynthesizing and me and my oxygen friends went down…again the millionth time to get sucked by plants…again. They inhaled me and exhaled me with another family of glucose and
    hydrogen’s. I always stayed with my two oxgen friends and we were never separated. They were my best-friends…”forever”. We were like…a family. I always wanted to be an oxygen because I always looked different next to my two oxygen friends.
    That was my daily schedule until one day, something new happened, me and my best friends forever, got inhaled by an elephant! That didn’t happen to me or my BFF’s in millions of years! At last, something new happened.

  27. Ramya says:

    The Carbon Cycle
    I was dancing along in the air when two oxygen atoms joined me. Together, we were gliding through the air when, suddenly, we got sucked into a plant through the stoma and into its sticky chloroplasts and I found myself getting separated from my oxygen friends. But then five more carbon atoms joined me, 12 hydrogen atoms, and then my friends were back with 4 of their brothers. So now there were 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms. I was now a part of a glucose molecule.
    I felt myself get crushed and I could feel the plant that I was in being chewed up. I found myself going through the digestive system of a rabbit. Soon I was in the intestine of the rabbit and knew that I was going to be pushed out into the soil. But then I realized that the rabbit had a disease and it was about to die.
    When it was dead, I felt myself decaying into the soil as the years passed. Layers of new soil kept coming and pressing down on us and all our molecules slowly got re-arranged and we became coal. After so long, the coal was being sucked out of the soil by humans and it was burning. I soon became a gas again and ended up back in the air with two other oxygen atoms.

  28. Sunny says:


    Wshhhhhhhhhhh! The weather looked fine like in other days. I said ‘hello’ to the sun, to the grey clouds, and to the blue, peacock-colored sky. The wind was blowing to the east and I had a difficult time flying into the air at a steady direction. My two oxygen friends and I linked arms tight together as we were cheerfully rising up to the clouds. Below us, there were cars and motorcycles driving as fast as roaming cheetahs. The chimney of the factories emitted some nitrogen companions and carbon atoms. They were floating at the same direction as us. As we were flying, I witnessed some other carbon atoms were falling from the atmosphere, and the body of water beneath us was sucking the carbon and oxygen atoms. Simultaneously, we were close to reaching the atmosphere. But, suddenly, the wind blew strongly, forcing my hands to ‘let go’ of my oxygen atoms. We got, unfortunately, separated and as soon as the wind stopped blowing, I felt like I wasn’t defying gravity anymore. I looked around and I was in a completely new place. Apartments, highway roads, decorated lamp posts and—-trees! The leaf from the tree beside that lamppost was a few meters away from me but was peculiarly smirking at me. Before I wanted to look away, the stoma opened its guard cells and the hole as if looked like an abyss, grabbed hold of me. When I opened my eyes, I realized I entered into the air space where most cells and spongy mesophyll were located. The sun was providing its light energy and the waxy cuticle of the lead absorbed the light in, and soon we became friends. I asked to the light desperately with fear, “How can I escape from here?” The light responded optimistically, “Don’t worry; you can escape from that stoma you just came from. Just wait until the guard cells open.” I waited patiently but my worries weren’t disappearing.

    The guard cells were slowly opening, as I could see the bright environment. Some roses were hugging with the tulips and when the guard cells closed and opened again, I saw a different view. Oh no! A huge snail appeared, approaching slowly toward me. I was panicking. What should I do?! The mouth of the snail opened and before its mouth touched the surface of the leaf, I hurriedly went out of the guard cells, trying not to lose hope.
    Yay! I survived from getting eaten by that hungry snail! The strangers—oxygen atoms around me applauded with great enthusiasm. Once again, I realized I came back to where I was when my journey started with the two oxygen friends.

  29. Amar wadii says:

    I am trapped in a green slime moving to something. I can see my friends go into it and disappear. Now I can hear them scream and as I move closer to the dark I try to get out of the green slime, and I figure out that it’s impossible, I am on my way to death. As I go into it I can see blue fluid get around me and a strong light shines on me. Then I go into a deep sleep. As I woke up I didn’t look the same, I could see my friends having fun in the air, flying around. I started to fly and suddenly I recognized the voice of a man, coming from my back. I tried to look behind me and I saw one oxygen stuck to my back. As I tried to look again I went into a huge hole with white sharp sticks not letting me out. I slowly started to move down and I could see hundreds of people that looked like me lying on a massive pillow sleeping. As I arrived to them I fell into sleep beside them. When woke up again I felt like I had been sleeping for hours. I looked around me and there was nothing to see. Suddenly I started to move faster through tunnels and I could see the sticks again sealing the door. I was going to go into them and die, but as I was one carbon from death the sticks moved up and I went into the light. As I was free I could see my friends above me calling me. I went to them and we started our journey home, up to the air away from this horrible place.

  30. Disha Bhattacharyya says:

    “Good morning everybody, and welcome to My Talk Show where legendary carbon atoms share their shocking real life experiences with us. Today I have a really special guest with me, David who had a really thrilling journey through the carbon cycle. So David how did all this happened? Please tell our viewers you amazing tale.”
    “Well, it all began six years ago. I was in the atmosphere with my carbon family and my best friends nitrogen and oxygen. We were on vacation above Palawan, one afternoon we were enjoying the warmth of the sun when suddenly a seagull came swooping out of nowhere and we all got sucked in. It was really dark, we could not see anything and we realized that we were in it’s nose. We then went down to it’s windpipes and then down into it’s lungs. Some blood cells came along and took oxygen away from us. Then I went back up it’s wind pipe and got exhaled out by the birds again. I joint with other carbon atoms and other oxygen, I was miserable because I lost my family and friends. That was not the end, the gull was near a plant and I got sucked in again by the stomata of the plant and into a chloroplast. I was joint with glucose and some hydrogen to form a glucose molecule. I was there for ages, then one day a caterpillar started to eat the leaf and our molecule was eaten. Before long I was breathed out again and I went back to the atmosphere. That’s it.”
    “That was the most amazing story I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing you story with us David. Well this is the end of My Talk Show and we will back again same day, same time next week. Goodbye and have a great weekend.”

  31. Jamie G says:

    I was floating around with my good friends
    Carbon dioxide molecules, happy as can be
    With the sun in our faces
    Doing our normal routine
    When something strange happened,
    That almost made me scream

    There I was
    Sucked into a completely different world
    Inside a plant cell, inside a chloroplast
    Glucose molecule
    I looked around
    Slightly amazed
    Did nothing but gaze
    Surrounded by oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen
    Although I see them often

    I heard the most disturbing sound
    As the vicious rabbit nibbled
    Suddenly everything changed
    My luck
    It was having a feast

    There I was
    Inside the “belly of the beast”
    Scared for my life
    But this time we were both in a jumble
    Spotted by a cobra

    Down we went into a dark hole
    Bouncing around, just like before
    Where its food seems to be stored
    It was an uncomfortable feeling

    Annoyed and fed up
    And again with my luck,
    It spat me out
    Into the air
    Never believed it would dare
    Reunited with my friends
    Oh, how this cycle never ends

  32. Annika says:

    Story of carbon atom in the cycle

    Hello, my name is Cindy, I’m a carbon atom and I have lived at least billion years in this world. Now I’m going to tell you about my life, what I’m going through every single year. So, let’s get this started.

    It was a sunny, beautiful evening, and there I was again, lying in the air with another carbon atoms, my family and my friends. Everything was great and we had fantastic time together playing many different games and having fun. It was so peaceful and we all all enjoyed about the moment.
    But suddenly everything changed, I noticed being far away from the others and I lost everyone and some of electrons as well. And to survive, I had to launch onto another atom. Then a couple other electrons were lost and I had to grab onto another atom. These two guys were oxygen atoms and together, we three became a molecule of carbon dioxide. And again I was able to swirl around, flowing. I think that took at least million years, I went around, and around upside-down all the time and didn’t know where I was. I felt so confused but I didn’t care. That’s my life, from place to place again, and again. And WHOMP suddenly I my head was struck to something. I noticed myself on a leaf,It was a huge leaf. I saw a lot of another atoms around me and got attached to a bunch of another atoms. Soon after that couple of oxygen atoms came along and joined with me and we sort of…rolled away. Got caught in another flow, probably water and swirled away. Then we got to float again. This type of thing went on and later we got stucked to another leaf and some animal ate this leaf and the animals was a big horse. And I got bound up in its body for a several decades. I couldn’t get out until the horse died and rotted. Really, all in all I have been part of a plant, then part of an animal, eaten by bacteria, then plant, then animal. Over and over. Over and over. Sometimes it’s really tiring, but this is my life. I have born like this. Life is life.

  33. Gaea says:

    Forever, Carbon

    My name is Bon. CarBon.
    And this is the story of my life.
    A story of the life I lived.
    A story of the life I live.
    A story of the life I will live.
    Forever and ever.

    I feel so alone, here. Although there are others around me, I miss my home. I can almost feel the warmth, like in the city.
    Ah, the city! How I adored the city.
    I spent it in darkness, in safety and quiet, in camaraderie with five others just like me. It wasn’t quite family, especially with the Hydie’s Family taking most of the room – fourteen hydrogen versus six carbon was nowhere near fair. However, the darkness didn’t last, and neither did our family. An intense wave of heat came upon us, followed by a roaring, almost buzzing sound. I soon found myself torn apart from the family I’ve come to know and love – forced out of a metallic tube in a gust of black. And as the force pushed me up higher and higher above a bustling road and farther and farther away from my short-lived family life, I ran into Owen and and Otto – twins. They introduced themselves as Oxygen. From then on, we looked out for each other, bonded by friendship and combustion.
    But like my previous family, we were eventually broken apart. And it’s all my fault. I said we’d be all right. We’ll take a look, that’s all, and then we’d leave. But it drew me in closer and closer with its odd green color. To my dismay, after getting too close I was no longer drawn in by curiosity, but by the plant’s stomata! Owen and Otto were dragged along with me, and it was back to the darkness I began in, and the solitude. The last thing I saw was the fear in their faces.
    But I wasn’t alone for long, as I was joined by more from the Oxygen Family – six to be exact! And it felt like home, especially with twelve members of the Hydrogen family added on as well. It went like this for a long, long time. And it felt complete, somehow.
    However, after what seemed like decades, something changed in our surroundings. Something was off. The darkness began to not only surround us, but to consume. We were all separated from one another, and we felt solid ground encompass us. The once beautiful plant was dying.
    Pressure. Pressure. I felt it all around me. It was horrifying. Darkness, solitude, uncertainty. That’s what I feel today, right now. It has been like this for as long as I can remember.
    What is this feeling? That warmth.
    But, wait a moment…the warmth………it’s light!
    I felt myself vacuumed up into a metal tube, and there was that roar-like buzzing once more. Suspense. Where was I going? What would become of me?
    The sound stopped. I heard voices through another metal tube…a closed box…
    It was a reunion with my old family! The darkness was now a comfort, and I was once again, finally happy.
    I can’t help but wonder, though.
    …How long will this last?

  34. Yuske F says:

    After millions of years later, the carbon molecule Kenny had long gone deep in the earth sleeping, or more, dying.

    It was horrible. I was stepped on, I was rotted, and I was pushed towards the hot, dark side of the world for more than a million years. It was so heavy. There were earth all over me, and when I noticed, I turning into a hot liquid, like all my other friends. I could hear the scream of all the other molecules. They were all trying to move around, trying to burst out of hell, escaping to the place where we came from. There were some lucky ones that would get rescued by the humans, the sky people. Sky people would drill holes towards us, and bring it back to the place where we came from. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the lucky ones. We were underneath some mountains, and we were already too hot. We all knew would be stuck hell for eternity, so we planned a big break from hell.

    The carbon revolution

    Year 1991, this was the day for all of us. We started moving around as fast as fast as possible, pushing all the layers of earth back to the surface. After few days of hard work, we finally broke through all the layers, and burst out to the place where we came from. It was like heaven. We were all freed in the air, and were moving around everywhere. Now it was time for me to live alone.

    I was wondering around the sky, looking for somewhere to rest. Then, I noticed a land full of green stuff that I think I remember from a million years ago. They looked very friendly, and fluffy, so I decided to take a nap. When I went close to it, it sucked me inside them. It was like a dark factory full of green things. Then, they forced me in to it, and changed me into something else, and called me oxygen. After that, they released me into the air again. I had no idea what they did, but I started wondering around the air again. After a while, one of the sky people sucked me into them, and changed me into carbon again, inside their big balloon. They released me out in the air again.

    Now I’m sick of getting sucked into things, or go back to the hell again, so I decided to float up high where no one can see me. When I went up high, I was found by a layer of molecules that looked the same as me. They treated me very well, so I decided to live there for a while.

  35. Amy says:

    I am one of those little colorless and odorless molecules called carbon dioxide that like to float in the air. I am one of that newborn carbon dioxide that came from a big and wild animal in a zoo, I believe they are called the gorilla. I started off my journey there and traveled in the air along with some other friends. Some of the elderly carbon dioxides told me to stay away from those huge green plants – if I get sucked into it, I’ll turn into their dinner. I tried hard to avoid those scary things that they elders told me, but I was sucked in anyway. I felt all itchy and tight around my body, and noticed that I was in a stoma and I was sucked into the plant.
    The next thing I know is that a rabbit ate me. So I stayed in the rabbit’s body for a long long time until it died from diseased grass. As I floated in the air from an animal again, I realized that the cycle keep going on and on.

  36. Shannon says:

    The force is too strong!!! I can’t pull away!!! It’s sucking me in!!!
    All of a sudden it’s dark and I’m going through a fast reaction. I feel strange it was almost like I was changing my form, but that’s not possible. All of a sudden a glucose molecule says “Congratulations! You have just gone through the carbon dioxide to starch transition”! I look around and all I can see are glucose molecules moving around. Trying to get to know the others I move towards a group of friendly looking glucose molecules. We got along great. It had been about a week since I had arrived to this place. We all told stories of what we were doing before this vicious plant sucked us in. All of a sudden a huge dark shadow was cast upon us. We started racing around trying to get out of the way, trying to find a speck of light. There is no place to hide!
    Pitch black not being able to see anything, hearing only a crunching sound. Unexpectedly I being bounced up and down. I turn to my fellow glucose molecules and say “I’m guessing that we are now on the move”. As the rabbit pranced around the forest I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the rabbits’ mouth. Rapidly; I was being flown out of its mouth. I’m now floating around trying to find my friends and family again.
    Being re-connected with them I now know not to get close to green plants.

  37. Daniel T says:

    My name is Carl the carbon atom. Being a carbon atom is pretty boring. All you do is float around and chill. This might sound pretty cool life, but day in and day out it gets rather monotonous. So when I floated a bit too close to a plant, my life was changed.
    I was hanging around, minding my own business and playing noughts and crosses with myself when all of a sudden, I felt a pulling sensation. I tried to fight it, but it kept getting stronger and stronger. I turned around and there was this massive stoma, sucking at me. I had heard about these. Atoms said that if you got too close to one, you would disappear and no one would ever hear from you again. By this time, I was just millimetres away from the stoma, and knew there was no escape. I took a deep breath and went with the flow.
    As I plunged further and further into the darkness, I began to hear screams around me. I looked to my left and saw a bunch of carbon atoms just like me, maybe five in all. I looked to my right and saw 12 of my oxygen cousins. It was then that the air around me began to change. Before I knew it, I there was a strange sensation I had never felt before, and all of a sudden we were all linked.
    We continued on our journey into the abyss, all 24 of us. And then again, as quickly as we had joined together, we were torn apart, hurtling in different directions. I ended floating in a weirdly green space, all alone. Now that the thrill of the journey had passed, this was beginning to get even more boring than everyday life. At least things were different colours.
    It was then that everything began to shake. I looked up and saw that the plant I was in was being eaten by a huge herbivorous dragon. Before I could blink, the dragon swallowed me up. I spent a long time inside the dragon, and passed through his entire digestive system, until I came out as dragon poo. However, we carbon atoms never decompose. I spent millions or years slowly getting absorbed into the ground, getting covered by layer after layer of earth. I was beginning to think I would never see the light of day again when a huge drill drug into the ground next to me and I was sucked up a pipe. I was processed and barreled, and before I knew it. All of a sudden everything got extremely hot. I was being burned alive! It was then that I was slammed into my cousin Ollie Oxygen, and we bonded together as we were released into the air. Finally, I was back where I started!

  38. Cc says:

    Floating away with my sister and brother Oxy and Gen, we when to see our other friend Nitrogen. He lives near a shiny place, so my folks tell me to stay away, but it doesn’t matter because we never go inside.

    “You guys wanna’ try something new?” He asked.

    “YES YES!” Screamed Oxy and Gen.

    “Why, what are we doing?” I pondered the thought.

    “We’re gonna’ go inside the shiny place!” He said excited. This is not good. Mom and Dad always say to never, EVER go inside a shiny place with plants in them. They said that once we go inside, we never come out.

    “I don’t think this a good idea.” I pointed out to my siblings.

    “AWWWW! WHY??!?!?! We wanna see what’s inside the shiny place,” both of them screamed.

    “Come on CJ! It’ll be fun!” He said. And yes, I am a Carbon, but since my dad is one too, I am Carbon Jr., CJ for short.

    I was skeptical about this. I hardly doubt that never seeing my parents again is fun. Then again, I guess this would be something new to do.

    “All right, but only for a short while.” I said, sounding like my dad.

    “WOOHOO!!!” The two screamed

    “Okay, now that everyone is set let’s go!” He said grabbing my arm. He dragged me, along with my brother and sister.

    We circled the shiny place until Nitrogen found a hole. We swooped in and the minute we got in, I saw plants of different shapes and sizes, especially colors. Then, being so young excited oxygen atoms, Oxy and Gen wanted to look around. Then we came across a plant, something started to suck me in, it was a plant! I tried and tried to hold on to my brother and sister, but it wasn’t good enough, I was being absorbed.


    I woke up and I found myself in a weird place. I couldn’t move very well, and it was stuffy. Then I found myself being drifted away downward I didn’t know where I was. Then suddenly, it came to me, I was inside the plant. Hmm, no wonder its’ green, I thought. Then, out of the blue, the plant shook, and a big chomping sound came from the outside.

    “What’s happening?” I wondered?

    “The plant is getting eaten.” A voice said.

    “Whoa, who are you?” I turned and asked the stranger

    “The name is Hydrogen. But you should know that, since we’re in the same molecule.”

    “No, I am a Carbon atom.” I denied him

    “Not anymore. The plant absorbed you in and apparently, you and I combined with my eleven other hydrogen friends and five carbon atoms and six oxygen atoms. Why do you think it’s stuffy in here and hard to move?” He explained.

    “Good point.” I said.

    “Well, do you mind stop chatting it up and thinking of a way of getting us out?” Another voice said beside me.

    “And who are you?” I asked.

    “Well, I WAS an oxygen atom.” He said.

    “Okay. So at least I know one of each now. And it matters the most, because I need to get out of here.” I explained to Hydrogen and Oxygen atom 1.

    “Well hold on tight, because, we’re about to get absorbed again!” yelped a Hydrogen atom.

    At that very moment the plant shook again, and the next thing we knew, we were sliding down this really slimy path.


    After a while, we stopped.

    “Aww Yuck! Where are we?” Another Oxygen atom asked.

    “I believe we got digested by what those hairless creatures call herbivores, matter that consumes plants for survival.” Replied a Hydrogen atom.

    “I can’t get digested! I need to go back to my brother and sister!” I told all of them.

    “No need to worry,” Said an oxygen atom, “I’ve been in and out through plants and animals dozens of times. We’ll be out of here in no time. Speaking of which, hold on tight.”

    “Why?” I asked.

    As soon as I finished asking, the pace we’re flowing in became faster, and faster. It felt like we were being blown away! We were going in circles, up and down, side to side, and even loopty-loops.

    “Where are we?!?!?!” I yelped as loud as I could to the other atoms.

    “We’re in the creature’s branches. But the hairless creatures call these things blood streams,” yelled out the oxygen atom, “but don’t worry, this is how we get out!”

    Then the whole place started to move up and down.

    “What’s happening?” I asked

    “The creature I believe is utilizing energy, what those hairless creatures call running.” Said a hydrogen atom.

    Then it stopped. But the flowing pace became really fast and before we knew it, we were moving up.

    “Now what?” I asked again.

    “I’ll tell you what, we’re getting out! Okay kid, grab on to me and my other oxygen buddy here. We’re breaking out, CO₂ style!” Explained the oxygen atom.

    The three of us joined, and before you know it, light emerged and we were free! Everybody separated and some of the other Carbon atoms merged with the Oxygen atoms. I explained to the two that I needed to get back home, outside the shiny place, so they stayed with me for a while.

    Finally, I found Oxy, Gen, and Nitrogen outside the shiny place. The two oxygen atoms separated with me, and then I merged with my brother and sister again. All four of us, Oxy, Gen, Nitrogen, and I waved good bye to the other oxygen atoms as they floated up to the atmosphere. I siblings and I waved to Nitrogen as well. The day was done, and we went home.

  39. Santi says:

    I was just hanging around, with my 12 hydrogen and 6 oxygen friends in the green insides of a leaf. Inside the plant, we turned into a glucose molecule, but right now, we were just kicking around. At first, it was scary. I was sucked into the green darkness, and I lost my best friends, oxygen and nitrogen. I was freaking out. Then I met these guys. They were cool so we joined together and turned into the glucose molecule that we are now. It was okay, until, this happened. Everything turned dark, and I looked at what seemed like the jaws of a giant beast. It munched and gobbled everything up. There was nothing but chaos. “Oh the humanity!” I heard someone scream. I didn’t know what to do or what was going on. It was worse then being sucked into the plant. Suddenly, it was all darkness again. I awoke in the belly of the beast. I heard something from the outside, sounding like a little boy. “Hey mommy! Look at this little bunny!” I was in a rabbit. Who would have guessed? All of a sudden, the beast started to shake frantically, as if it was hopping away. “No bunny! Don’t go into the road!” I heard the boy again. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. SPLAT! That fluffy white body had no chance against the tires of an 18-wheeler. What hit me most was the fact that I was in a dead rabbit. It was silent. I was in that carcass for ages. It took a long time for the rabbit to decay and I knew what would happen next. I’m getting out of here! Finally, after years and years of crushing and compressing by layers and layers of soil, I was coal. People sucked us up from underground. “Heck yeah!” I said, knowing I was going to be free. Later on, I found myself in a gas station, about to be pumped into a car. The black liquid soared through the hose and into the gas tank. That’s where I heard loud rumbling and saw the fire of the engine. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. A few moments later, I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a large tube with a light peeping at the end. “I’m almost freeee!” I screamed. It was like heaven! A fiery, dark heaven! I zoomed out of the tube. “YEAAHHH!” I yelled. I was free. After ages I was finally able to hang out my best friends again, oxygen and nitrogen. That is until, I came across another plant.

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