Empirical formulae

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What is the difference between molecular and empirical formulae?  You need to find out.  Here is a set of practice questions on this topic.  7 emp form

This week we’ll do a lab where we determine the formula of hydrated copper (II) sulfate by experimental methods.  Read the lab sheet: formula of hydrated copper sulfate

To help you practice, there are tons of great resources out there on the web.  I have selected 4.  They are listed here in order of increasing complexity.

1. Nice worked examples.  2.  Another worked example for you to click through to find the solution. 3. Worked examples with extra problems, answers given.  4.  Fairly lengthy explanation of how to perform calculations. 

For some online practice, try this site.  And this worksheet has some excellent questions.  If you can do these you are all set!  Empirical and Molecular Formula Questions

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