Jatropha hybdrid - leaf detail by tonrulkens on flickr

And here is the sing-along song for this topic.

For notes on the SL portion of the syllabus, here is a useful powerpoint.  Photosynthesis  This is the core material from our favourite teacher in Indonesia.  Once you have grasped the basics, move on to this HL stuff.

We’ll cover a lot of interesting ideas in this unit.  How are plants affected by light of different wavelengths?  What is the relationship between structure and function in chloroplasts? What is meant by limiting factors in determining photosynthetic rate?  How can we measure photosynthesis?  And, of course, we’ll delve into the biochemical pathways of the light dependent and light independent reactions.

Useful video for labs.

There are 3 online photosynthesis simulations that we will use.  This first one is nice and simple and should help get you started on your design lab.  This one is also easy to use.  This third one is more complicated, and you might want to come back to it as we go through the topic.

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