Saltwater vs freshwater ecosystems

mangrove reflections by Claire `a Taiwan

Plants and animals that live in saltwater and freshwater must have special adaptations to cope with their particular environments.  They need to ensure that they can access water and oxygen at all times.  This can be difficult in circumstances where a plant’s root are surrounded by sea water, as this can affect osmosis. 

Your task is to select one freshwater animal and one saltwater animal and compare their adaptations in the form of a table.  You should then do the same for one freshwater plant and one saltwater plant.  The focus of this exercise is for you to identify the specializations of each species and how it is adapted for it’s environment.  Think about how it accesses water and oxygen.  Think about how it excretes waste.  Here are a few links to get you started, but you should extend your research beyond this.

How plants cope in the mangroves.  Mangrove trees.  How do plants survive in salt water?   Freshwater plant adaptations

Freshwater vs saltwater fish.    Animal adaptations.   Bullsharks.    Why do saltwater fish die when put in freshwater?

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