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Here are some of the terms we will get to terms with in this section ūüôā

diploid, haploid, homologous chromosomes, crossing over, non-disjunction, trisomy, karyotyping

  • We’ll learn about the process of meiosis, and why it is known as a reduction division.
  • We’ll understand how chromosome abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome come about.
  • We’ll learn what a karyotype is and¬†how to analyse one.
  • And we’ll discuss some ethical issues to do with karyotyping of unborn fetuses.¬†

There are a number of ToK links here, such as balancing the risks of side-effects with preparing for a chromosome abnormality in an unborn child.  There are also questions raised about who should make the decision about whether to perform the karyotype Рthe parents, doctors, governments?

Here is Mr Taylor’s presentation on this topic.¬† And here is a very very very dated but well done video.¬†¬† Biologix__Meiosis_and_Gamete_Formation

We’ll use this site – The Biology Project – to practise karyotyping.

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