Be still my beating heart

maximum heart rate 214 by Laurel Fan on flickr

In class this week and next we will be working on a lab dealing with factors affecting heart rate.  Your task is simple – to designcarry out and write up your findings on how a particular factor affects heart rate.

Begin by listing all the factors you can think of that might influence how fast or slow your heart beats.  Decide on one independent variable to test, and write it in the form of a research question.  Next write a hypothesis, including justification.  Then plan an experiment to test your hypothesis, remembering to state clearly how you will control all the variables you mentioned earlier.

Then comes the fun part – performing your plan.  You may need to ask, beg, bribe some of your classmates or family members to participate.  Once you have your data, process it and present it appropriately, explain your findings, and evaluate both your results and your method.  Suggest improvements for next time.

Phew!  That should take a while…. This is a great opportunity for you to boost your IA scores and gain complete on the various aspects of lab grading.  Here is the  Design rubric DCP rubric CE rubric


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