Block A immune system notes

Rina, Ray Ruman Immune System Notes Define the term pathogen

Outline the role of the skin and mucous membranes in defence against pathogens.

Outline how phagocytic leucocytes ingest pathogens in the blood and in body tissues.

Describe the process of blood clotting.



Outline the effects of HIV on the immune system. 

Discuss the cause, transmission and social implications of AIDS.

Amber-Fergus-Aki-Immunity Define active, passive, natural and artificial immunity. 

Describe the production of monoclonal antibodies and their use in diagnosis and treatment.

immune system block A, dawoon anna alex Distinguish between antigens and antibodies. 

Explain why antibiotics are effective against bacteria but not against viruses.

Outline the principle of challenge and response, clonal selection and memory cells as the basis of immunity.

Antibody production Explain antibody production.
Explain the principle of vaccination Explain the principle of vaccination. 

Discuss the benefits and dangers of vaccination.


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