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Nervous system

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Neurons in the brain - illustration by Rebecca-Lee on flickr

Some of the questions we’ll be tackling in the next section of the syllabus (6.5) are:

Do you know what the CNS and PNS are?

Can you explain what role receptorssensory neurons, relay neurons,motor neurons and effectors play in conducting nerve impulses?

Can you draw and label a diagram of a motor neuron?

Can you define resting and action potentials?

Can you explain how nerve impulses pass along a neuron?

Can you explain how impulses travel from one neuron to the next?

Read through your textbook pages 240-246 to get a head start on this unit 🙂

And once again, a great presentation from Mr Stephen Taylor in Bandung to help you learn this stuff!

In class we will use this presentation – Nervous System

There are some useful animations here, and here that might help you visualize what’s happening.

Here is the lab we will do on reaction times:  Grade 12 IB HL Biology Reaction times lab

Muscles and movement

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

electron microscopy of skeletal muscle by jgryall on flickr

In this unit we will be looking at the following key questions:

Why do muscles work in pairs?

What is a sarcomere and what does it have to do with muscle contraction?

How do muscles contract?

A great presentation on this can be found here.

Good animations to help explain what’s going on can be found here.