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Neurotransmitters and synapses

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

This is part of Option E4.  Here is an excellent resource from Mr Taylor that we’ll use.

We should aim to understand that some nervous pathways are excitatory and some are inhibitory, and how these interact at synapses.

We should also be able to explain how psychoactive drugs affect the brain and personality, and give examples of excitatory and inhibitory drugs.

We need to explain the effects of THC and cocaine on the brain and discuss the causes of addiction.

We’ll use this awesome resource from the University of Utah as well – Mouse Party!

This video is good review of the nervous system work from Semester 1, plus, towards the end, clear explanations of inhibitory and excitatory messages.


Neurotransmitters and synapses

Friday, February 12th, 2010
addiction by alancleaver_2000 on flickr

addiction by alancleaver_2000 on flickr

Here are the big questions for us to tackle in this section:

  • How does decision-making occur in the CNS?
  • How do psychoactive drugs affect the brain and personality?
  • What the physiological effects of THC and cocaine?
  • What are the causes of addiction?

We’ll use this presentation from Mr Taylor.  And, as usual, click4biology is a great resource.  Also, for fun, check out this site.  You’ll find some very entertaining mice!

Thanks to Mr Hobbins for this powerpoint. E4 Neurotransmitters and Synapses