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Nervous system

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Neurons in the brain - illustration by Rebecca-Lee on flickr

Some of the questions we’ll be tackling in the next section of the syllabus (6.5) are:

Do you know what the CNS and PNS are?

Can you explain what role receptorssensory neurons, relay neurons,motor neurons and effectors play in conducting nerve impulses?

Can you draw and label a diagram of a motor neuron?

Can you define resting and action potentials?

Can you explain how nerve impulses pass along a neuron?

Can you explain how impulses travel from one neuron to the next?

Read through your textbook pages 240-246 to get a head start on this unit 🙂

And once again, a great presentation from Mr Stephen Taylor in Bandung to help you learn this stuff!

In class we will use this presentation – Nervous System

There are some useful animations here, and here that might help you visualize what’s happening.

Here is the lab we will do on reaction times:  Grade 12 IB HL Biology Reaction times lab