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Digestion assessment

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Describe the route taken by a ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich through the human digestive system, explaining what happens to each part of the sandwich as it passes through each region of the digestive tract.                  [20 marks]

 Complete and correct route given               [4]

Digestion of bread                                       [4]

Digestion of ham                                         [4]

Digestion of cheese                                     [4]

Digestion of lettuce                                     [2]

Bibliography in MLA format                          [2]

You will have class time on Tuesday 1st September for this, and must submit it no later than Thursday 3rd September.  Here is a link you might find useful.

Deadlines, deadlines

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

You are in the process of writing up a lab report on demonstrating absorption and digestionBlock B students have already had a lesson on this and are due to submit their final version to me, either electronically or on paper, by THURSDAY 27th AUGUSTBlock F students have until FRIDAY 28th AUGUST (We will spend next Tuesday on this so don’t panic!).  Please make sure you see me during tutorials if you need help.  Our next unit will be on the transport system (the heart, blood and blood vessels), so read your textbook if you want to get a head start on this.