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Electricity in context

Friday, May 13th, 2011

plug by Samuel M. Livingston on flickr

For our last piece of the puzzle before we begin reviewing for exams, we are going to take a look at some of the applications of what we have been learning so far.  You can choose one of the questions from the list below (or come up with your own and clear it with Mrs D) then find out the answer, and share it with the group in a meaningful way.  This could be a poster, a video, a model, a powerpoint, a speech – whatever you feel is appropriate to convey the information.

  • How is electrical charge associated with nervous impulses (signals) passing along neurones?
  • What is the difference between AC  and DC?
  • A time traveler from 100 AD arrives at ISM.  Explain to this person the dangers of electricity.
  • How does an electric motor work?
  • What is a fuse and what does it do?  Why are there different kinds of fuses?



Friday, May 6th, 2011

electromagnet by cobalt_grrl on flickr

This week you will find out what an electromagnet is and how it works.  You will make a simple electromagnet like the one described on this site.  You will then design an experiment to investigate some factor affecting the strength of an electromagnet.  Carry out your experiment, record data, process and present the data, write a conclusion and evaluate. You need to read the rubrics carefully and make sure you are aiming for the “exemplary” column in all cases.  Good luck and enjoy!

FINAL Rubric design FINALRubric DCP FINAL Rubric CE