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Peak oil

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
Current world oil reserves by ChartsBin on flickr

Current world oil reserves by ChartsBin on flickr

In class today we discussed the idea of exponential growth and watched this video by Chris Martenson.  We discussed the idea of peak oil, and how this was different to “oil running out” by watching this video.  We then researched which countries have oil reserves, and how much, and discovered that according to CIA world factbook, that the Philippines is #62 on the list.

We will discuss the following essential questions:

  • Why have humans become so much more productive over the last 250 years when compared to the previous 250,000?
  • What is peak oil, and should we be worried that some people say we have reached it?
  • What will be the consequence of an ever increasing human population and falling fossil fuel energy reserves?
  • Will developing countries ever realize the standard of living enjoyed by people in developed countries?