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Glogster posters – Science and Safety

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

These are posters that the students made using glogster.  Some are displayed in the classroom.  This was to get them used to using this online resource, as we will be accessing it again in the future.

H Block Integrated Science 1

A John Sunny Disha Nick Yusuke Jamie Harry

Jae Woo Bettina Husan Alex Arshaan Gaea Ramya

Karina Stuart Ammar Daniel

F Block Integrated Science 1

Wei Ari Joshua Kavita Shannon CC

Celina If Kelvin Charlotte Brian Isabel

Nacho Adilet Kate Hank Joy Santi

Daniel Amy

Levers homework

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Levers around us ……

Your task is to pick one example of a lever and produce a glogster poster about it.  Your glog must include:

  • A large diagram or photo of your chosen lever.
  • The position of the load, effort and fulcrum must be clearly labeled.
  • The class of lever must be clearly stated.
  • How the lever operates – how is it used to make work easier?
  • Proper referencing for your pictures and text.

You will print out a colour copy of your glog for display in the classroom, and you will leave a comment on this post with the url so that your parents, or anyone else, can view it.  Be sure to make your glog public not private, or nobody but you will be able to see it. And don’t forget to use first name plus initial only (not surname) when posting your comment.


Lenses glogs

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Canon FL 55mm f1.2 by Arkku on flickr

You can check out each other’s work by clicking on the links below.  You can learn from each other!  Feel free to give each other feedback by leaving a comment.

  • Sam                                 Grace
  • Karenina                       Daniel
  • Justin                             Tyler
  • Mumba                          Carlo
  • Danilo                             Hiram
  • David                              Timmy
  • Anushay                        Kevin
  • JP                                     Davis
  • Adrian                            Ethan
  • John                                Stefan
  • Sandy                              William
  • Bianca                             Agustin
  • Trix                                  Ines
  • Sera                                  Gaby
  • Gabby                             Juliana
  • Nish                                 Emily

New Glogster homework!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Hydrogen from wikimedia commons

Hydrogen from wikimedia commons

Hooray!  You did such a good job on the first glogster assignment, your teachers have decided to give you another one.

Each student will be given ONE element from the periodic table.  Your task is to produce a glogster poster with information about that element.  The kinds of things to include are:

atomic structure, mass number, uses, reactivity, state, colour, etc

Remember to include pictures and images as well as text.

We will put up your posters in the shape of the periodic table outside room 1090/1091.  We’ll use the same rubric as last time to assess this.


Monday, August 10th, 2009
Is he a safe scientist?

Is he a safe scientist?

Both Block D and H classes have made a good start on their glogster posters.  Homework is to finish them up and submit to me, either via this site or via email, the URL of your poster.   Glogster Poster Rubric 

You may also like to print out a copy for display in the lab.  There was some good evidence of creativity happening. 

Don’t forget to come and see me this week during tutorials if you need help.  Tues/Thurs/Fri 2.30 in room 1091.