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How is heat transferred?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Thermal fluid dynamics by Pro-Zak on flickr

This week we’ll be learning about the 3 different processes of heat transfer: CONDUCTION, CONVECTION and RADIATION.  To help us, we’ll be talking soccer and basketball – watch this space!

Here is a brainpop video to watch.  Some questions to think about while watching:

  • Can you explain which contains more heat: a glacier or a lightning bolt? 
  • Can you explain why food cooks faster with glassware than metalware?
  • Can you explain how curtains keep a room warmer at night?
  • Can you explain how winter hats, jackets and blankets keep us warm?
  • Can you explain the picture in this post?

The powerpoint used in class is here: Topic 03 – Thermal Physics  The text is a little advanced for G9, but the images are good.

And if you’re feeling really clever, perhaps you can make a rap like this one to explain heat transfer!

To find out whether you’ve really understood the applications of heat transfer, you will be given a challenge.  See the attachment to read more 🙂  Have fun! Heat Transfer Patent activity and rubric

And here is a link to the Integrated Science blog which gives you some more resources.