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E6 – Further studies of behaviour

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

peacock by ozgurmulazimoglu on flickr

The last section on this option before we find out how much you’ve learned.  REMINDER – test on THURS 1st MARCH on all of OPTION E.

Here’s what we need to cover in this last section of Option E.

  1. Honey bees are social organisms.  Describe the organization of a bee colony – who does what.  Find one other example of such social organization and describe it. Bio E6 Q1 bee pres
  2. What is the role of natural selection in colonies like this? alessandra_bianca_gio_natural selection   How natural selection may act at the level
  3. Give 2 non-human examples of altruistic behaviour and discuss in terms of evolution. E6 altruisitc examples
  4. What is foraging?  Bluegill fish forage for Daphnia.  Find one other example, and explain how this type of behaviour optimizes food intake. Foraging   Behavior- Foraging
  5. Peacocks have pretty fancy tail feathers.  Why have they evolved this way? Explain in terms of mate selection Group 5 Alisa Yurie Pratik.  Q5 Evolution of exagerrated traits
  6. Animals show rhythmical variations in activity.  Outline 2 examples illustrating this.  Eg, seasonal reproductive behaviour in deer. G6 Dan, Anna, Ashild Biology Powerpoint

Here’s a very useful slideshare presentation on this section.