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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Lock and Key by B K Dewey on flickr

There are a lot of questions to answer in this topic.  It is one of my favourite aspects of biology, as an understanding of enzymes relates to nearly every branch of biology.  So, here goes….

What is an enzyme?  What is an active site?  What is enzyme specificity and what causes it?  What is the “lock and key” hypothesis? What effects do temperature, pH and substrate concentration have on enzyme activity?  What is denaturation?  How is lactose-free milk made?

What is the induced fit model of enzyme action? How do enzymes catalyze reactions?  What is the difference between competitive and non-competitive inhibition?  What are allosteric sites?  What is end-product inhibition?

Here are some useful resources. Mr Taylor’s presentationEnzymes AHL  These two clips (first and second) are good for review.  This one is pretty complicated – but I’m adding it as some of you aiming for 7s may like to look at it.