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Periodic Table

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Periodic Table on a taxi by geofones on flickr

We need to get to know the Periodic Table very well.  To help us we will use the following resources (thanks Mr Goodman!) and this linkThis site will also be invaluable to recap what we talk about in class.



patterns in PT

And here is a homework assignment for you.  PT_scavenger_hunt

We will talk about trends and patterns in the periodic table, specifically Group 1 (alkali metals) and Group 7 (halogens).  We will make observations about reactions of the alkali metals with water.  Li and Na we can do in class, but for the more reactive elements we’ll have to be content with watching this video.

Periodic Table

Friday, September 4th, 2009
PeriodicTable from

PeriodicTable from

We have, and will continue, to look at the Periodic Table.  Make sure you bring the paper version you were given in class with you to every lesson.  It is an important document.

Here are some resources that may be useful.  Read through the notes, and say thanks to Mr. Boulton for producing them, (with a little help from wikipedia). Classification of Elements   Comparison of groups in the periodic table

Here is the link to the video demonstrating what happens when you mix the more reactive alkali metals with water.  We will do Li and Na in class, but nothing quite as exciting as this!

Have a great no homework weekend 🙂