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Oil and other resources

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Oil refinery 01 by Wyatt's Virtual Drifting on flickr

We’ll take a look at the world’s natural resources, with a particular focus on oil.  We’ll watch a couple of videos.  This one on fossil fuels explains where oil, coal and gas come from, and leads into our next section on the importance of oil and how to separate it out by distillation.  This video explains how this works in an oil refinery. We’ll do a world energy audit and look at where the natural resources are and what the alternative energy sources might be.

We will discuss the idea of exponential growth and watch this video by Chris Martenson.  We will explore the idea of peak oil, and how this is different to “oil running out” by watching this video.  We’ll then research which countries have oil reserves, and how much, and discover that according to CIA world factbook, that the Philippines is #65 on the list.

We will discuss the following essential questions:

  • Why have humans become so much more productive over the last 250 years when compared to the previous 250,000?
  • What is peak oil, and should we be worried that some people say we have reached it?
  • What will be the consequence of an ever increasing human population and falling fossil fuel energy reserves?
  • Will developing countries ever realize the standard of living enjoyed by people in developed countries?

Which energy source is best for the Philippines?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Coal transport by MoToMo on flickr

Coal transport by MoToMo on flickr

For our culminating activity in this unit we will be getting you into groups and asking you to research, present and debate on which is the best source of energy for the Philippines.  Look at this handout for full details of the work, including the rubric for assessment.  Amended Energy Topic Performance Task

Each group of 4 students will be given one source of energy.  Each person on the group will take on a different role – either that of engineer, economist, environmentalist, or a  member of the public – and put together a convincing argument as to why their particular source of energy should be used.  You will also need to have some knowledge of other sources of energy in order to be able to counter any arguments against your source. 

Solar Panels by clownfish on flickr

Solar Panels by clownfish on flickr

You will be given 2 full lessons to research this.  The next lesson we will listen to each presentation, make some notes on this sheet: ENERGY PERFORMANCE TASK Presentation Notes and then vote on which energy source we think should be used.

This should be fun!