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Growing bacteria

Monday, September 20th, 2010

bacteria plate from surface washed with Lysol by xtinabot on flickr

Which surface do you think would contain the most bacteria?  Do you think there will be different kinds of bacteria from the various places tested? 

We’ll do this lab: Growing bacteria lab  which will lead us on to a discussion about the body’s second and third lines of defence, namely phagocytes and antibodies.

Both phagocytes and antibodies are found in the blood.  Phagocytes are non-specific.  This means they engulf any kind of foreign bacteria that enters the body.  Antibodies are specific.  They only work against one particular disease. 

Here is a very simple video showing phagocytosis.  A white blood cell is chasing a bacterium and trying to engulf it.

We’ll use this very good presentation by Mr S Taylor in Bandung, Indonesia to help us understand the concepts.