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The mole

Monday, February 7th, 2011


Dearest mole by zenera on flickr

We are going to step into some deep and sticky chemistry – and take a look at the term mole.  This is an important concept, so we’ll take it slow and steady.  This is a great resource to help us work our way through the topic.  Come back and revisit it often – until you feel you have a handle on it.  Practice, practice, practice! 

More useful information here.

Atomic structure

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Sodium2 by Mrs. Pugliano on flickr

We’ll kick off our new unit on STRUCTURES by looking at the structure of the the atom.  YOU KNOW THIS STUFF ALREADY so the first part will be a recap, then we’ll go beyond the material you covered in Grade 8.

Here’s the presentation we will use in class: KS4 The atom

And here are some practice worksheets to see if you have understood the concepts.  DO THEM! struc of atoms1   basic at struc

This is a useful resource to help you get up to speed with these ideas.

More resources: A Few Definitions   Atomic Structure Projections