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Researching the eye

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Now that we know what about the structure and function of the eye, let’s try and answer these questions:-

  • How do optical illusions (such as Optical Illusions) work?
  • Explain the evolution of the eye.
  • Compare the eyes of predators with those of their prey.
  • What is stereoscopic vision and how does it help animals survive?

Get into groups of 3 or 4.  Each person in your group should choose one question to research and answer.  Spend about 30 mins on this.  Come back together as a group and share your answers with each other.  Once each member of the group has responded, write down at least 2 follow-up questions for each topic, then try and answer those.

Option E – Neurobiology and Behaviour

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Mr Gray Eyes by Tim in sanhazzay on flickr

Mr Gray Eyes by Tim in sanhazzay on flickr

Here is the syllabus guide for this topic. Option E – syllabus guide

We’ll be using notes and resources from click4biology.

The first section is all about stimulus and response, so we’ll recap a bit of the nervous system, particularly the stuff on reflex arcs.  We’ll then move on to explain how animal responses can be affected by natural selection.  You need to investigate two examples of this.  Use can use the blackcap bird (Sylvia atricapilla) as one, and any other of your choosing.

Moving on to perception of stimuli, we’ll study both the eye and the ear.  You need to be able to label a diagram like this one: Eye diagram  We’ll then do a dissection so you can identify the parts properly.

You will also have to:

  • annotate a diagram of the retina to show cell types and direction of light movement
  • compare rods and cones
  • explain the processing of visual stimuli (edge enhancement and contralateral processing)

We’ll then move on to the ear, and you will need to be able to label a diagram and explain how sound is perceived.  Here is a good presentation to help you get through all that!