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Friday, January 28th, 2011

Endangered species by konjure on flickr

There are millions of species of our planet.  In order to make some sense of this huge variety, we classify organisms in a very specific way.  To learn more we’ll use this presentation from Mr Taylor.  Classification

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:  Please do the following activity.  Details are in the document. The world by Data base  Basically you will log onto to a database and use it to find a relationship between two sets of information.  I will explain more in class, but this will be due on TUESDAY 8th FEBRUARY.

Ecology 101

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

herbivore by thornypup on flickr

We are about to embark on Topic 5 so that we are ready for our field trip next semester.  Here is the syllabus guide for this section: Topic 5 – syllabus guide

This useful presentation covers the first part of the syllabus, namely Topic 5.1.  Here’s another one by Mr. Hobbins that we will use. Ecology definitions  And this is a table of the main definitions. Topic 5 – Ecology definitions

The basic concepts in this first part of ecology have to do with food chains and webs, the flow of energy through ecosystems, and the recycling of nutrients.