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DNA – what does it stand for?

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


Deoxyribonucleic acid – that’s what.  It is the magic code that describes all living organisms.  Did you know that bacteria, plants and animals all share the same genetic material?  The language of DNA has only 4 letters, and yet we still see millions of different species and variations within species.

To help you learn about the structure of DNA, you can read this and this.  We will also attempt to extract DNA from strawberries.  Here’s how.  And this is the rubric for writing out the method etc. Communication rubric for extracting DNA from strawberries lab

Plant structure and growth

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

twig and tendril by stonebird on flickr

As we embark on topic 9, here is the syllabus outline: Topic 9 – Syllabus outline

This topic can be broken into 3 sections:  structure and growth, transport, reproduction.  This document has notes on all of this. Plant Science Topic notes

We’ll start with plant structure and growth.  Plant structure & growth  Here is Mr Taylor’s presentation on this section.

Some things we’ll discover in this section:

  • why do plants grow towards light?
  • how can you tell if a plant is a monocotyledon or dicotyledon?
  • how can plants modify their roots, stems and leaves for different functions?

Water – the liquid of life

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

pondskater by Robbie G1 on flickr

Our new unit is about OCEANS.  In this unit we will cover all kinds of interesting ideas, but we’ll start by looking at the structure and properties of waterThis site has a ton of information on water.  This is another good one.  These videos are useful to help you understand both the structure and the properties. One. Two. ThreeFour

Now try and answer these questions:-

  • Why are water molecules considered to be sticky?  Can you give examples of where this is useful in nature?
  • How can insects like pondskaters walk on water? [See picture] Or how can this lizard run on water?
  • Why can fish survive in a pond during the winter when the pond freezes over?
  • Water is a very good solvent.  This means it dissolves many substances.  What makes it so good as a solvent? 
  • Water is used to transport substances in our body.  Give the names of 2 liquids in our bodies that contain water, and say what they dissolve.
  • Why do we cool down when we sweat?