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The year ahead …

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

the long road ahead by qmnonic on flickr

This first document shows the intended timeline we will aim to follow for the year.  Schedule for 10-11

You can cross reference with the syllabus guide, also attached.  IB Biology Syllabus Guide

This is a plan, and therefore is subject to change, but we will aim to stick to it a far as possible.  We’ll start with Topic 1, and pretty well work our way through in order, supplementing material from the HL section as we go.  We must complete 60 hours of lab work over the 2 years of study.  This does not mean you will have to write up 60 lab reports, as many of the labs we do run over more than a single lesson.  And a highlight of the year is our field trip in January to Candaba Swamp.  I will post something specifically about the grading criteria used for labs later.

Revision tips and command terms

Monday, April 19th, 2010
exam cartoons by Robin Hutton on flickr

exam cartoons by Robin Hutton on flickr

So you have all the infomation you need to succeed in the upcoming exams.  Make sure you also know the command terms used by the IB. 

It is no good knowing the syllabus inside out, but then answering an explain question by describing, or a distinguish question by comparing. 

Check out this very helpful presentation by Mr Taylor in Bandung that clarifies these action verbs.  It is an important part of your revision.

And for HL candidates, here’s the syllabus outline for Option H. Option H syllabus guide